This advert is really beautiful and something which I can really relate to. My mother has the most beautifully curly hair and these curls have been passed on to me.

Now, at 24, I love my curls, they’re bouncy, wild and never look the same. This however wasn’t always how I felt. Throughout primary and secondary school I hated my curls, they just seemed a big frizzy, untamed mess and something which was much inferior to straight hair. All my friends had beautifully long, straight, shiny hair and in everyone’s eyes they were the pretty ones. One of these ‘friends’ even described my hair as looking like ‘rats tails’…charming.

Little did I know that as I got older people with straight hair were actually envious of my full bodied, bouncy curls. This went some way to me beginning to like my hair and accept the sometimes wildness of their appearance.

Some other reasons I love my curls:

  • Never do I get ‘ponyhead’ headaches from having to tie up my hair
  • My hair has volume!
  • I don’t have to spend ages drying and styling
  • Girls actually spend money to have their hair curled

So bravo and thank you to Dove for creating such a wonderful advert and hopefully filling women, and men, everywhere with the confidence to wear their hair au natural and #LoveYourCurls