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The first step in getting your business in front of your customers is having a website that solves their NEEDS, is built on a framework that is SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY, is easy to UPDATE, is flexible to GROW as your business grows and SECURE from malware attack.

Content Management System

Update and change the content on your website quickly and easily. Add new copy, update staff profiles, add services or products and keep your website fresh and engaging for your customers and answers their needs or solves their problems.

Grows with your business

The ability to change your website as your business changes is invaluable. Your website can potentially save you money while making you money. You can bolt on e-commerce facilities with payment options, add resources or secure areas for customers, and much much more…


Protected and secure

Malware attacks are getting more common and your website is a prime target for hackers so it’s imperative that you do what you can to make sure it’s secure. Data protection is on everyone’s minds now with the introduction of GDPR so security is paramount. SSL (Secure Socket Layers), Firewalls, constantly updated plugins and core software are a good start but what about your legal documents such as a privacy statement, terms & conditions of use etc?

Looks great on mobile

Mobile use continues to grow and customers are more likely than ever to visit your website via their smart phone or table device. This means it’s now vital that your business website is designed to work well across a multitude of devices and screen sizes. Does your site currently work well on mobile screens?

A Website that
your customers can find

The first step in getting your business in front of your customers is having a website built on a framework that is search engine friendly, easy to update, flexible to grow as your business grows and secure.


Optimised for search engines

Is there any point having a shop if your customers can’t find you? It’s the same with your website. If it’s hidden on the web and no-one can see it then it won’t achieve it’s potential and make your business more money.

Promoted across the web

Being found on the search engines is just one part of a complete marketing strategy for the web. Buying ads on Google, Bing and on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are another important part of your marketing mix.

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