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Battle between Technical SEO and Content Marketing

SEO is typically categorized as the strategies and techniques used to increase rankings in search engine results. The purpose, of course, is to ultimately reach your target audience and boost conversions. The tactics chosen in any given SEO strategy comes down to what...

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A Brief Look at the Rise in Video Marketing

Business marketing is one of the biggest expenditures that a business has, therefore they need to know what they are doing is both current and effective at the same time. In today’s digital world, video marketing is on the rise, and if you are not using it, then you...

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What is #1 spot on Google worth to my business?

As a business owner and a website owner you will naturally wish for your website to rank #1 on Google when people searched for your services. You want to put your business front and centre to as many potential customers as possible. But there's only one top spot and...

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Importance of SSL Certificate in Ecommerce Business

All over the world, online shopping has grown exponentially and more growth is forecasted for the coming years. Businesses, big and small, have responded by increasing their online presence. However, in the past 12 months, this online presence has been limited to...

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Improving Productivity using Software Tools

Your choice of productivity tools can greatly improve your work capabilities, whether you have staff members you want to organise and collaborate with, or you are a single entrepreneur who is going it alone. The right software tools can help companies like your to...

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Do you want some shocking mobile statistics?

The guys at contacted us recently to let us know about their latest infographic that delves into statistics around mobile use. To call it an infographic isn't strictly correct as it's designed to show "real time" data - ok, it's a simulation but the way...

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Why don’t businesses learn from each other?

I'm a huge fan of Ikea. Not because I particularly like their furniture but because I really admire the business model they've created. I'm also an admirer of McDonalds - again, not because I particularly like their food. In the case of Ikea there's a lot to admire in...

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