High-value homes know how to use high-value materials. They just reflect luxury. Whether it’s high-end furniture or how they use valuable materials you don’t find in your average home, a home can look incredible with an investment in better materials. 

Read on to learn about the best high-value materials for luxe home decor. 

Incorporating Precious Metals

A lot of high-value homes use precious metals. If you use them right, they look good. If you use them wrong, they can look tacky. But gold or copper taps in the kitchen against dark blue walls – incredible.

They add a rich texture and dimension to your space. It doesn’t have to be the kitchen; you need to know how to put them in your home. Although, in our opinion, these types of metals look better in the bathroom or kitchen. 

Natural Stone

Natural stones like marble, granite, or onyx look incredible. They’ve always been on trend, and they’re always on show in high-value houses. They’re durable, attractive, and come in different shades. We love a natural stone look in the bathroom!

They have unique patterns, are durable, and feel like luxury. They’re not as expensive as the other options we’ve listed in the article. Marble countertops would be the most expensive option.

Plush Textiles

Textiles are essential. The best textile can make a massive difference, and it’s all anyone writing about. We’re thinking of luxury materials like velvet, silk, and Egyptian cotton – materials that feel good to touch. You’ll pay more for them, but the aesthetic is worth it. 

You could go for plush velvet cushions, silk lamp shades, or high-thread-count Egyptian cotton bed linens. Egyptian cotton bed linens do feel incredible – they’re no 180-thread scratchy thread count. 

Exquisite Wood

Wood in a home is exquisite. There’s no denying that. High-quality wood materials like mahogany, tweak, and walnut look incredible. They even sound incredible. You can tell the difference between high-quality wood and low-quality wood (like some synthetic materials). 

Their deep hues, natural grains, and warmth make them ideal for statement furniture pieces, flooring, or wall panelling. Wall panelling became a big trend in 2023 and will still look good in 2024. 

Wood is more expensive than other flooring options (if you’re going for flooring), but it lasts years longer than alternatives. 

Glass and Crystal Accents

Glass and crystal is the epitome of classic luxury decor – a crystal chandelier? How 90’s American mansion for us to suggest? But they do look good in the right home. They suit high ceilings over low ones. And remember, crystals can sometimes look tacky. Glass is a lot easier to style with accents.

Glass and crystal accents are making a comeback in 2024 as more people want that classic luxury feeling. You don’t have to have a grand chandelier. You can do it with Murano glass vases or glass-top tables – these materials reflect light beautifully. They’re not too expensive, either.

These high-value materials will make an impact on your home. They’re standout features – you can tell the difference in the quality just by looking at them. They might be slightly more expensive, but you’re paying for high-quality materials.