Why are we called Lobster?

If only we had a £pound for every time we were asked this question!

The number one question we get asked!

You have to go back to the early 00’s when I first started Lobster to understand why it’s the name of the company.

Between 1994 and 2004, the T.V. show Friends was one of the biggest shows on the planet and the on-off-on-off relationship between Ross and Rachel gripped viewers.

In one episode, Pheobe explains to Ross that he doesn’t need to worry, he and Rachel will end up together because “she’s his lobster”.

I’ll let Pheobe explain why in the video opposite.

In 2002 I met my wife and co-director Helen and was soon after nicknamed “Lobbie” by her family as it was fairly clear to everyone that this was “it” for her and I.

So when in 2004 I began my business I needed a catchy name that reflected the commitment and togetherness that I wanted to reflect in the way that my business would operate so Lobster was the obvious choice.

It has since served us very well as a marketing tool as it’s very easy to remember – so much so that we’ve had one client who was recommended to us while very drunk and our name was the only thing she could remember from the night!

So that’s why we’re called Lobster. If you would like to donate £1 then just let me know.

Russell Davies