Reaching out to customers and potential customers via email has really changed how marketing and sales approach their jobs. It’s difficult when you can’t sit across a table from someone and gauge their body and facial reactions. It’s also difficult when you can’t just get on the phone with a potential sale and try to understand what they want and need from their voice tone and word choice.

But that’s the way of the world, unfortunately, and how most people are moving — to an email-focused approach to customer interaction. That’s totally fine, but it can also be scary, because people can hit that “delete” button without you having the ability to do anything. But what you can do, if you don’t hear from someone after a first email, is figure out how to craft a stellar follow up email that really does a lot of good marketing and sales work for you. Here are some tips.

When They Don’t Respond, Here’s How You Write a Follow-Up Email