Social media encourages interaction from page to the user. It is a medium that conveys a message to the brand’s target audiences. To make a fascinating environment to engage with brands, you should utilise social media platforms to your advantage by getting your audience’s attention.

Getting your audience’s attention is making content stand out among every other content online. You can make interactive content to involve your audiences in your contents, and it can easily give you positive results. Thinking different contents like this is difficult, but we will give you four content ideas that stand out in this generation, which you can incorporate in your brainstorming sessions.

Interactive Content

Brands forget that social media is an interactive platform to talk to your audiences. You can talk to them through your contents or the comments section. Also, you can use the data that you will get from here as insights into your marketing strategies and plans. Here are two different interactive content ideas for your social media plans:

Polls are widely used in different media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Stories. You would know your user’s different views and opinions for a specific question from your brand. Using polls in your content will capture your audience’s attention especially if they are fascinated with the questions in the poll. It can encourage participation and conversation between you and your audiences or your audiences.

The last idea is using quizzes, just like the ones from BuzzFeed. Quizzes on BuzzFeed are unique, some are weird, and some are base on the audience’s likes. One example of a quiz topic from BuzzFeed is knowing your mental age by picking pizzas. You need to make an informal and fun quiz to make it engaging among your audiences. Interesting ideas are welcome here. It is proven to give you a higher share, reach, and engagement rate in your page.

Visual Content

If you need content that should stand out from other contents, you would want to consider to incorporate visual content in your posts. Visual contents are easier to process by your audiences instead of lengthy text posts. Especially if you execute it perfectly, it can generate positive impacts on your business and promote better engagement with your users.

Visual contents are ranging from different forms such as images, typography, infographics, videos, GIFs, etc. It can generate different reactions from your audience depending on the objective that you need to aim. For example, you need to show your business’ description and biography; you may want to consider making a video about it instead of making a photoset. Use different forms of visuals according to its appropriate purpose to convert into better results. Here’s a complete guide to social media image sizes to help you start with your visual content.


Memes are perfect for younger audiences because who doesn’t want a giggle from these kinds of content. Humorous content can easily pique the attention of various audiences since many groups of audiences are very familiar with memes. Memes can give you the opportunity to show your brand’s different, emotional, human side and a loosen up the image to give a quick laugh without disregarding your brand’s marketing idea.

Using memes should also exercise your trend searching skills because it is important to stay on what is trending and make a content based on that. Target memes that are relevant not only because of the time it was released, but the relevance of the meme to your audiences. If your audiences are millennials, you might want to create contents with memes that are compelling to the millennials to cater their attention. You should always strike while the iron is hot and never forget the relevance of your brand in the content you are producing. It should be equal parts brand identity and humor from the meme.

Live Streaming

Most brands in 2017 are evolving from pre-made visual content to showing live videos. Different live streaming tools such as Facebook Live, Webinar, Periscope, and Instagram Live are being used by brands to enhance the visual content they have and upgrading it into a more genuine one and showing reality through media platforms.

Live streaming platforms are not difficult to use since most are free and ready-to-use. You would only need a strategy to coordinate your content and make it smoothly executed. Live streaming contents may be in the form of interviews with different people, newscasts, product review, unboxing videos, etc.

The likes, comments, shares, and retweets for your posts are a good indication that your audience enjoys your content. If the number is not growing, or maybe even dwindling down, you may want to change your approach in creating content. You could try the four types of content mentioned above to give your audience fresh and new content they will like.