Owning a business surely sounds like a dream come true. There are no fixed working hours, you are your own boss, you decide who your clients will be and get to keep all the profits. In theory, it sounds amazing and a great business idea equals a successful business. In reality, however, the equation has many additional components. Hence, you shouldn’t make any decisions without previously giving it a lot of thought, consulting with experts and developing both a business plan and a detailed strategy. You ought to explore the market and competition, do a SWOT analysis and, in accordance with that, design a unique approach to business. We will deal with the essentials and try to help you reach your goals!

Great expectations

Most people who are considering starting a business do not fully understand the full range of issues in the entrepreneurship area. Writing a detailed business plan will surely help you see the potential risks so you’re able to prevent them. Some of the most important sections of a business plan you need to cover are in regard to vision, mission, strategy in pricing, objectives, advertising and an action plan. This all mainly depends on your product (or a service you would provide) and your target audience, not on your preferences!

The whole point is creating economic self-sufficiency so you need to develop a system that will be able to do so. Define the goals and think about how you plan to develop a business once you’ve started. What are your five-year aspirations for it? Would you prefer saving for retirement and eventually including your family, or selling it at some point? How will your business grow, and to what extent would you be comfortable with it? Those answers will help you shape the main idea and your approach. 

Next thing to consider is funding. Are you willing to invest all of your savings, or would you be comfortable with a loan? Will you be based in your home, providing service or products online, or would you need an office? Calculate all the possible costs for the first year, including salaries for anyone involved. If you thought you could do it all by yourself, we would not recommend it! At least not for the very beginning, as you should have legal and economic advice from people with more experience. The more you love your idea, the more subjective you are, so consider getting a third party logistics company to help you acknowledge the reality. Create a list of goals you want to have accomplished by certain dates and use it as a criterion for success.

Leadership skills

Being in charge has many advantages, but is often not what people expect from the position. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. You will have no one to complain about, and the outcome of every decision will be on you. Have you thought about the quality of your leadership skills? Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is crucial for two main reasons. The first one is related to the internal organisation of your business, and the second one to external reasons, especially if you’re planning to involve sponsors to fund it. Communication is often the key, but being honest and eloquent doesn’t mean your pitch will be successful. Practising your negotiation skills is essential, along with developing your emotional intelligence in order to be completely objective, which can be hard when it’s literally something personal for you. Understand this is only your point of view and focus on any feedback you can get!

Great leaders know what to outsource and how to delegate, so let’s talk teams. From recruiting people to managing and empowering your employees, be prepared that sometimes you will be “the bad guy”. And you can’t take this personally (again, the factor of emotional intelligence). It is highly recommended having a mentor who would guide you, and furthermore calm you down when the situation seems overwhelming. Practice your interview skills, consult about the positions you would offer and create a policy that your company will be known for. And you want for it to be a healthy and safe working environment, with no discrimination of any kind! First impressions are often the only ones that matter, so make sure you’re up to high standards! This implies making it clear what you expect from a person in a given position, how much will their monthly salary be and, in a way, showing you’ll treat employees as an asset. 

Marketing and advertising

Your business can be the best, but without proper advertising techniques, you won’t be able to grow it. In the era we’re living in, it’s all about digital marketing and social media coverage. So invest in Google and Facebook ads and necessity – a website! You should probably outsource this task to a professional marketing agency. They will help you adapt your offer and create a brand of your company. Be aware that a marketing plan can be equally important as the quality of service or a product. You should be building your empire, so leave this aspect to experts. Another important thing to mention is they will update ads regularly in both online and traditional media, so you won’t have to think about it! Furthermore, professionals can provide you with numerous helpful strategies to attract new clientele, such as offering coupons and discounts!


It all starts with an idea, but it surely doesn’t end there! Crunching the numbers regarding start-ups and small businesses is not very optimistic, but the whole point is to focus on your goals. Meticulously planning every step and being ready for any possible outcome is the only way you’ll make it in the entrepreneurship world! Remember to constantly evaluate every aspect of your business and try to find new ways to improve it, even if everything seems fine.