Email open rates are very important; they are the way you know whether your customers still want to hear from you and that you are still providing quality content. As businesses get older, they start to see a decline in the open rates of their emails. With the number of emails we receive every day on the rise, you should try to increase your open rates so that your email does not get lost in the noise. Here’s how.

Optimise Your Subject Lines

People open emails primarily if they read your subject line and think that the material inside will be helpful to them. You should optimise your subject lines to improve open rates. One of the best ways to do this is to pique people’s curiosity. You can use questions or mildly shocking statements in your subject line. Just ensure that the content inside matches the subject line.

Keep Your List Fresh

You want to always be on the minds of your customers. This means that you need to keep checking in with them from time to time. If you do this, they will not forget about you and will be more willing to open your emails.

Try to change up the types of emails you send out because people will get bored and stop opening your emails if they think they have seen the information in that email before. Also, try not to sell to people all the time. Why not tell them about something interesting you saw, or even about a new product that is about to come to the market? You could also ask them how they are doing and encourage them to reach out to you if they have any issues that they would like help with. 

If you have not sent out an email in a long time, a good way to get back in is to set up a survey. Ensure that there is something in it for your users, like a gift card or coupon code, so they are more likely to answer it.

Segment Your List

You will have all kinds of customers and users; they are not all the same, and should therefore not be talked to the same. By segmenting your list, you increase the chances of your email getting opened.

The way to do this is to start with user behaviour like purchasing decisions and patterns. You can also segment by age, gender and the source of the lead. Once you have these segments, try to tailor your emails and subject lines to that one single segment. 

Avoid Spam Filters

One of the best ways to avoid spam filters is to use a trusted SMTP service. Email servers know the source of all emails and the routes they take to get to your inbox. If you use an untrusted SMTP service, your emails are much more likely to get flagged as spam. Also, avoid scam words like “you have won” on the subject line and in your emails. 

Getting people to open your emails is very important. Just ensure that you do not send too many emails as people might get overloaded and stop opening your emails, or opt-out.