The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a one of a kind marketing system for businesses of all sizes. It is a complete marketing solution that provides social media assistance, content marketing assistance, and advertising aid. There is no better way to harness the power of digital marketing than using Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The complete Salesforce Marketing Cloud experience

The easiest way to define the marketing cloud is by calling it a manager of customer journeys. Most CRM platforms simply create a customer database and journey. They do not indulge in the management of customer experiences. Flosum.comgives you a comprehensive view of the features this outstanding customer service platform has to offer right now. Salesforce is unique that way. It lets you take charge of the customer satisfaction in the most active way.

With Salesforce you can achieve the following –

  • Planning, creation, customization, and idealization of each customer journey.
  • Collecting more information on each customer and potential customer.
  • Generating positive UX and pushing the potential customers towards the conversion phase.
  • Analyzing each customer action and perfecting the customer journey in almost real-time.
  • Mapping all customer journeys across multiple platforms, devices and sales funnel steps.

The only solution your business will ever need

The marketing cloud currently offers the complete customer acquisition and retention solution to every user. You can not only build your customer journey, but you can also indulge in mobile marketing, web personalization, predictive analysis, customer data management and content management. This has only become possible with the endless self-improvement that Salesforce ensures. It has acquired Pardot, Krux and Buddy Media over the last few years to expand its customer base. Salesforce is no longer just another CRM with your average CRM services.

Business owners can now become acting data scientists

At the last Dreamforce in December 2017, Salesforce revealed its advanced Einstein Prediction Builder that bypasses the need for data scientists for predictive data models. Now, every Salesforce user can also serve as a data scientist for their own company. This is an enriching experience and empowering step that will expand the market share of the company. In addition to that, Salesforce integrated Google Analytics for easy access to market data for all users. This can help all users connect their insights from the CRM service with the rich data from their predictive analysis. When you have Einstein’s intelligence to guide your business decisions, you can hardly go wrong!

Drawing a conclusion

As we see it, this is the first time a company is enabling its customers to converge their sales, marketing, advertising and customer services across multiple platforms. The platform is gradually becoming the best marketing platform for all B2B and B2C services across the world. The transparent and predictive pricing of the packages is aiding its accessibility by small businesses and start-ups. The introduction of machine learning and AI ensures that businesses involving IoT can also rely on Salesforce for optimizing their business processes and improving their customer experience.