As a business owner, it’s essential to make the most of marketing budgets, whereas in previous generations advertising options were limited to running campaigns on mass media, and could prove to be both expensive and offer little guarantee of value for money. With the birth of online digital marketing, business owners have greater options available and far more control of advertising budgets. As a result, budgets stretch further, making it more likely you’ll receive better value for money with each pound spent.

Unless you have extensive experience with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Digital Marketing, it’s almost guaranteed that your business could benefit from having ObenInc manage your PPC digital marketing campaigns.

PPC is one of the most profitable forms of digital marketing

One of the most profitable forms of modern digital marketing is Pay-Per-Click (PPC), which, in basic marketing terms means, the only cost incurred is when a customer clicks on your ad. PPC campaigns are hugely effective, because you set the campaign budget before you begin, ensuring there’s never any hidden costs, and you remain in control of a budget at all times.

With an ObenInc PPC Management team in place, you will receive all of the benefits of a PPC campaign, including full budget control, full access to campaign stats, etc, plus the reassurance of having our multiple years of digital marketing expertise at your disposal. While safely avoiding any incurred risks involved with running a campaign unassisted. 

We’ll provide you with the highest Return of Interest (ROI) for your PPC campaign, and unlike some of our competitors, we at ObenInc believe in full collaboration, providing both short-term and long-term digital marketing advice as standard. We guarantee no extra costs or hidden charges for the entire duration of your PPC management campaign.

PPC Campaigns are an investment, not an expense

Rather than looking at your PPC campaign as a costly expense, you should consider all digital marketing as a viable business investment, which when carried out correctly will both boost your business and strengthen your brand.

How will PPC Campaign Management boost my business?

It’s not impossible to set up and launch an unassisted PPC campaign, however depending on your digital marketing experience, PPC campaigns can prove hugely time-consuming, and over time will become increasingly costly, diminishing any value for money. For complete ease of mind, it’s worth giving our expert PPC management team a call, and together we can chat about how digital marketing and PPC Management will provide a financial boost to your business.

What the ObenInc PPC Management company specialists will do for your business

There are specific points of PPC Management that our PPC experts will provide to your business.

They include:

Competitive Analysis

We’ll continually assess industry competitors, noting new tactics and strategies they adopt, providing you with data that allows you to focus on the internal and external efficiency of your business. Factors to consider include bidding on similar queries, or targeting overlooked queries. This will help avoid any costly long-term bidding wars and save you substantial costs on digital marketing.

Negative Match

This aspect will help filter out any users unlikely to purchase the product, increasing the value and efficiency of your PPC campaign. Depending on the aim of your ad, ObenInc PPC management will direct the campaign toward consumers with higher interest, increasing ROI against your budget.


By monitoring search terms, ObenInc can acutely understand which keywords, search engine queries, etc, are most associated with your brand or business, using this info we will narrow search and keywords to only the most commonly used, increasing ROI and value for money against your marketing budget.

Keyword Analysis

Our PPC Management team will research and target specific keywords and search engine queries most associated with your brand, supercharging the likelihood your PPC campaigns will lead to direct leads and sales.

Channel Strategy

By assessing which paid for channels (Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Amazon Advertising, etc) will offer your brand greater ROI for your PPC campaign, ObenInc can improve your reach, clicks to leads, as well as increase long term business sales.

For more information on any of the above-mentioned ObenInc PPC Management sectors, feel free to contact the team here.

The benefits of PPC campaign Management

One of the main benefits of hiring ObenInc to manage your PPC campaign is financial efficiency, the more efficient your marketing campaign, the greater the value for your business, and with an increase in sales, interest, or custom, the further reach of your target market. Evolving your digital marketing campaign helps evolve your entire business. 

Effectively great advertising breeds increased awareness which breeds greater success.

If your company fits into one of the following categories, an PPC Management campaign can provide advice and assistance with your PPC Digital Marketing investment.

  • Any company wishing to expand beyond standard advertising to include digital and online marketing
  • Any company with a strong brand, that has potential for greater success but lacks the experience of an in-house marketing team.
  • A small, powerful business or brand that keeps a close-knit team and enjoys retaining control of their advertising budgets.
  • Any firm or business that lacks the financial depth to purchase expensive software systems necessary to guarantee efficient PPC Management.

If your business falls into any of the categories (and countless others), ObenInc is here to help you manage a successful PPC campaign, while also removing your need for expensive software updates or long-term costs of hiring an expensive in-house marketing team.

Before we begin our PPC Management Campaign with you, we’d love to discuss your goals and expectations, and how together we can achieve them.

Do you want to:

  • Increase purchase numbers?
  • Increase business leads?
  • Increase brand awareness?

Do you know that recent research revealed 72% of companies hadn’t looked at their ad campaigns for over a month? With the  PPC Management team by your side, you don’t have to worry about constantly checking and assessing your PPC digital marketing campaign.

 PPC Management is here to level the vast playing field against companies who can rely on unlimited marketing budgets, remember why spend excessively when instead you can spend wisely.

Our company goal is to help, and at PPC Management we guarantee to help you and your business.

For more information on PPC Management or if you need advice with any other form of digital marketing contact the ObenInc team here.