Email marketers are always searching for the next big thing to make their emails stand out from the myriad of promotional emails that their subscribers receive. Marketo makes it possible to create and handle email campaigns that convince the readers to interact with them. Navigating and creating email campaigns can seem daunting for some newer email marketers. In such cases, it is better to hire a Marketo certified expert to handle the operations. Here are a few Marketo features that will take your email marketing game to the next level. 

How to make the most of Marketo email marketing?

Monitor your ROI

There is no denying that Marketo is expensive to operate. But, the functionalities offered by it justify these expenses. Marketo dashboard allows you to truly measure customer engagement instead of showing the usual open rates. It shows the number of new clicks and unique clicks on links included in your email. The dashboard shows exactly how many users visited your website through your email campaigns. 

The dashboard also helps you track your budget. You can track where most of our email marketing budget is spent. It also generates detailed reports of the areas that are performing the best compared to the budget. This allows you to make prudent financial decisions based on the analysis of the reports. 

Marketing automation

Marketo is known for its sophisticated marketing automation solutions. More and more brands are starting to automate the majority of their email campaigns to free their marketers to work on other important and unique campaigns. Marketo’s automation allows you to replicate your previous manual campaigns and automate them. Email marketing automation enables marketers to nurture their leads by sending them the right emails at the right time.

To streamline the automation process, Marketo creates a database that contains all the details of their subscribers, like their online interactions, and their behavior. Accordingly, you can segment and add specific triggers for them. Marketo also offers a MarTech stack, which is all the marketing applications and tools that you can use to scale and optimize your campaigns. 

Robust A/B testing capabilities 

A/B tests are crucial to determine if your email campaigns are being perceived as you intended them to be. Marketo’s capabilities to conduct multiple A/B tests on different template modules of your email are unmatched. You can test various subject lines, email content, from-addresses, and the most effective time to send the emails. These A/B tests allow you to find the variant of your email that has the potential to become successful. These tests improve your campaign results by increasing conversion rates. 

However, there are a few things that you need to do before running the tests. You have to decide the goal you want to achieve with these tests. Then, you have to decide whether or not you want to run this test with your entire list. If you are trying out a radical design, it is better to try with the smaller sample size of your list. Finally, track and analyze the metrics to determine the winning email variant.

Micro-segmentation capabilities.

Marketo can not only create and funnel users into different segments but can also create micro-segments. Normal segmentation capabilities can segregate your subscribers into different segments based on location, behavior, demographics, and psychographics. A micro-segment overlays and combines multiple segments into a much smaller segment with concentrated information. 

For example, micro-segmentation allows you to create a segment for ‘single male, between the ages of 18-25, who abandoned their carts and are likely to convert with a special discount offer.’ You can also add additional conditions like location and gap between abandoning carts and revisiting the website. Combining this with a personalization strategy, you can create highly personalized and targeted messages for users in these segments. 

Cross-channel engagement optimization 

Marketo runs an engagement engine that learns the behavior of the customers through their interaction with emails and other social media platforms. If the marketers notice a drop in interaction, they can just increase the frequency of engagement emails. These programs are flexible and interact with the prospects on all the channels. This enables companies to potentially identify thousands of leads and guide them through the sales funnel. 

Mobile optimization capabilities 

The mobile-first approach is a new trend that is changing the face of email marketing. Since more than 81% of all emails are opened on mobile devices, email marketers are focusing on creating templates for mobile devices first, and later, optimizing them for other monitors. Marketo introduced a host of new tools to help email marketers. To make things even simpler, Marketo has optimized the email templates in its library. The email marketers can access these templates to draw inspiration to create their own or use it as it is. 


While Marketo’s dashboard seems simple and easy to navigate, countless advanced features might be missed by regular email marketers. Therefore, hiring a Marketo certified expert ensures all the features are utilized to their full potential.