As someone who isn’t actually that creative (boring some may say) I sometimes find writing my blogs a bit of a struggle. I need to be in the ‘right frame of mind’ and all that crap.

So, as it’s a nice sunny day I thought when better for me to feel happy and creative than now. So I’ve sat down to think about some of the marketing I’ve seen lately. I usually think straight to what I’ve watched on TV and then whittle down the pants adverts to the ones I actually remember.

However today I’ve had a mini epiphany. I stopped and thought today about why I’m finding it hard to think of adverts and I realised it’s because over the Easter weekend I’ve not actually watched any TV. I’ve been out and about enjoying my family and the time we had together.

Saying all this however, a couple of things actually did come to mind and not because of something I’d seen on TV, but on my tablet as I lay in bed at the end of an exhausting day.

Most of my ‘advert’ watching comes courtesy of Facebook and YouTube. Watching things people have posted, so I don’t have to spend time myself finding the latest trends and funny videos – how useful.

A great example of this is the recently posted video of Kit Harington (Yum) and Seth Meyers having a dinner party. Kit is in his full Jon Snow outfit – if you don’t know who Jon Snow is you’ve not lived – and it’s a funny 5 minutes showing how poor old Jon Snow just isn’t made for small talk. This was mainly made as something funny to watch, but for me it’s gone a bit further and has now reminded me that the new season of GOT (Game of Thrones for you heathens) is back soon and I really must re-watch Season 4!

Similar to this is my main video for today.

The now stateside successful James Corden has recently done a great skit with Tom Hanks on his Late Late Show, summarising the actors best movies in 7 minutes. Not only does this do wonderful things for the popularity of James Corden (and Hanks) but also makes me, the viewer, want to watch all of his films again.

I suppose it’s all made me think about how I market my business – does my advertising always need to be so obvious?