You may be thinking that social media isn’t for your business, or that there isn’t a benefit that’s worth the work. But with 63% of customers expecting businesses to offer customer service through social platforms and 71% of SMBs using social media marketing, you can’t afford to ignore it. 

All you need is some simple and effective social media tips to get you started. Check out these four social media ideas for small business to engage with your audience, improve awareness, and boost business. 

1. Use Attention-Grabbing GIFs

In these times of mindless scrolling, it can be difficult to get users to pause for a moment on your post. One of the most creative social media ideas to get people to stop scrolling is to use eye-catching GIFs. It’s fun, creative, and engaging and you can add GIFs to any social media platform. 

The best part? You don’t need to use generic GIFs that people have seen a million times. With a GIF maker from video tool, you can turn any video into a GIF. So, shoot some unique content, turn it into a GIF and delight your audience!

2. Educate Your Audience 

If you need a little help with social media then why not start turning your skills into educational content? This is not only a great way to come up with fresh social media post ideas for business but it also establishes you as an authoritative voice in your industry. 

Sharing tips and tricks relating to your industry is a fantastic way to engage followers and build a trustworthy reputation as the go-to source of information. 

3. Engage With Polls

Polls are fantastic interactive content ideas that get your audience involved in a discussion and usually lead to a lot of shares. If you can send out at least a poll a week on your social media platforms, you’ll soon see how effective they are. 

Another huge bonus is that sending out polls gives you an idea of how your audience thinks and the kind of content they’d like to see. 

4. Host a Contest or Giveaway

Users love nothing more than freebies and sweepstakes or giveaway is effective for sharing content and spreading your business message far and wide.

Encourage users to share a certain post of yours to their feeds in order to get in the running for a prize. The better the prize, the more engagement you’ll receive. However, even starting off small is worthwhile. 

Implementing These Social Media Ideas for Small Business

These social media ideas for small business are super simple and easy to implement which means you can get started straight away! Experiment with different GIFS, contests, and polls to find out what your audience loves and what they don’t. 

Now that you’re a small business social media amateur, you may want to up your game even more. Explore our site for more informational business content to add to your repertoire.