So I think you’ll agree the first day of Summer (June 1st) was not exactly the blistering heat we’d like, but hey, what do we expect?!

This was a particularly rough first few days of Summer, with gale force winds and rain which felt like the size of tennis balls. Tennis balls you say? What an odd analogy. But it’s not when you start to think about what reminds you of Summer. For me, it’s the longer days, sitting in the garden (usually with a blanket), hayfever, eating like I live in the Med and also tennis. (See the link?!)

Starting with the French Open, then Queens and then Wimbledon, throw in some strawberries and cream and I’m set (pun not intended).

The ASB classic event in New Zealand brings some of the biggest names in tennis together for an annual tournament. This years event has seen some unlikely ‘crew’ members being employed. I had never even heard of the ASB classic tournament until I saw this video floating round Facebook. Just shows what a bit of clever marketing can do for your event.

Get ready to ‘aww’