If you do not want to pay a high upfront price or want to be trapped by inflation, if you do not wish to get a long-term phone contract also, then Pay As You Go SIMs are the best option for you. 

Pay As You Go SIMs are a fantastic and cheap method to monitor how much text and time and also the volume of data you are using, while many mobile networks or service providers are throwing some extra offers to grab the attention of their customers. 

With pay as your option, you can enjoy the unlimited data SIM-only deals as well. There are many other benefits of Pay As You Go options that you can easily enjoy. Those are best for erratic minute or data users. 

Those who wish to make long international calls on holidays can also go for this service. Another crucial fact is that you can easily change your existing plan at a moment’s notice, without any exit fees. 

Now, if you are struggling to choose the best Pay As You Go option along with unlimited data SIM-only deals, then here are a few recommendations for you.

Leading As You Go options in the UK

  1. Lycamobile

This is the best Pay As You Go SIM for making cheap international calls. If you are planning to stay in touch with your friends and relatives abroad, this company has a wide range of cost-effective international Pay As You Go options that come with unlimited UK texts, minutes, and also data.

The all in one plan offered by Lycamobile includes EU roaming, 6 GB of data, and 500 international minutes to several countries, including the UK, for very minimum charges. 

There is also another plan known as All In One Plus 15, which offers 15 GB of data, and unlimited international calls, while the other plan known as All In One Plus 20 offers you the same minutes but with 20 GB of data.

  1. Giffgaff

This is the best Pay As You Go SIM for users who use data at a moderate scale. Though it is not a Pay As You Go option in reality, it offers bundles of minutes, data, and texts on a rolling contract for each month, which the users can cancel or change whenever they want.

One plan of this service provider gets you 15 GB of data along with unlimited minutes and texts, which will be more than enough for your day to day use. The owner of Giffgaff is also the owner of O2 and operates on the same network. Thus, it is flexible.

  1. EE

It is the best Pay As You Go SIM for you if you like speed. Its Flex Plans are a little like the plan of Giffgaff, which gives you a monthly allowance for a monthly charge. However, there is no contract that can keep you locked in. 

You can easily change your allowances whenever you want to. Moreover, with this service provider, you can easily get a good amount of data as well.

With EE, you can get access to the super fast 4G and 5G networks in the UK, along with a free 500 MB data boost at an interval of 3 months. So, you can easily enjoy unlimited data SIM-only deals with EE.
Therefore, there is some fantastic Pay As You Go options in the UK through which you can enjoy unlimited data SIM-only deals.