How does your business attract and retain new clients? In many cases, businesses will use a range of digital tools to enhance their marketing strategies in today’s technology-driven climate. These tools are certain to work, but businesses should also give special attention to strategies that will increase customer loyalty to your brand.
Statistics in retention and brand patronage show that customer loyalty programs work—and in many cases, they are the key to a company’s success. It may come as a surprise that on average, existing customers spend about two-thirds more than new ones. This means that businesses need keep existing customers in mind and make offers that’ll keep them happy. After all, everyone wants to feel appreciated, and it is up to businesses to design websites, digital marketing resources, and loyalty programs that honor the customer’s value.
Here are 3 fun programs for your customers that are sure to boost brand loyalty:

Make a Game out of Loyalty

To boost the “fun” factor of your business, creating a loyalty game for customers is a great way to reward their retention and continued support of your brand. Depending on the game you design, whether it is an app, a prize giveaway on Twitter, or an Instagram contest, you can also utilize the game to promote your brand’s image. Before you make the game public, it is crucial that your entire team is onboard and knows the rules and restrictions. This way, everyone can be united and implement the game so that it has the best return on investment possible.

Partner with Other Businesses for All-Inclusive Offers

Another fun idea today’s brand loyalty is a coalition program. By engaging in a strategic partnership, you can grow your own network by reaching out to customers of other businesses. Make sure that you do the right research and choose a partner that will appeal to your existing customers. This means that you should have a good understanding of your existing customers’ needs and wants, along with their purchasing process. Then, you can establish an all-inclusive offer with your partner, which will benefit both your customers and your business.

Create a Classic Points System

At the most basic level of customer loyalty programs is a classic points system. These are perhaps the most popular method of loyalty programs, allowing customers to earn points that turn into some type of reward. Some rewards you can implement include freebies, discounts, or special customer treatment. This system works best if your customers make frequent purchases.
By integrating a fun customer loyalty program into your digital marketing strategy, businesses can grow their customer base and retain existing customers in a manner that keeps everybody coming back for more.