For the past decade or so, everyone’s been raving about the power and the potential of digital marketing. On the one hand, it really is one of the best, most majestic breakthroughs in marketing technology. It can be leveraged to levels we never even knew were possible. On the other hand, this miraculous success with digital marketing doesn’t happen accidentally. 

Great campaigns are almost never a result of improvisation and luck. On the contrary, if you’re looking to make a profit with digital marketing, you need to approach it strategically and carefully. Luckily, online marketing has been around for some time now, so there are some ready-made formulas for success that can help you make your campaign profitable. Let’s look at them!

1) Find your ideal customer

A digital marketing campaign is unlikely to be profitable if you don’t narrow down on your target audience. You need to be able to identify them correctly and predict their purchasing behaviour. Otherwise, your campaigns will be seen by people who are not interested in them. This will drive down your click-through and conversion rates. 

If you are still not sure who your target audience is, it’s not the end of the world. You can use some of your initial ads for split testing to determine who responds to your brand and products the most.

2) Tailor your content to your audience

Once you have identified your target audience, your campaign content needs to be tailored to it specifically. Writing for the general public rarely results in good performance. If you check out some of today’s biggest digital marketing campaigns, you will see they are completely adapted to a particular age group, culture, gender, etc.

3) Use psychology tricks and hacks

You wouldn’t believe how far you can go with a couple of growth hacking tactics. Best of all, you don’t have to do thousands of little experiments on your own. Scientists and researchers have already done thousands of tests about human behaviour and consumers’ response. 

Here are some of these tricks to include into your campaigns:

  • use the power of colours – humans respond to colours in an emotional way, subconsciously. If you want to describe a product or brand without using words, colours are the best way to do so.
  • stay short and succinct – when it comes to digital marketing campaigns, less is more. People are more likely to remember your message if it’s short and powerful.
  • use emotion-triggering words – powerful words used in copywriting that trigger emotions are a useful tool in digital marketing campaigns.
  • utilize the power of testimonials – consumers respond to ratings and reviews from other shoppers; people who are like them
  • allure with typography – type and font plays also play an important role in the attractiveness of an ad visual. If you have the opportunity to pop out with an unusual font, use it!

4) Ask for professional help

If you feel unsure about wording your digital marketing campaigns, you can always hire experts to do it for you. You can contact academic writing companies who can help you, for example, write your blog content. There are also social media agencies or SEO agencies that can help you get the most out of your social media ads. 

If you want, you can also create your campaigns yourself and then ask a seasoned veteran in social media marketing to check it out and let you know what they think. Working with experts will not only give you the best chances of success but will also expand your horizons and make you a better marketer.

5) Add a prominent CTA

A Call-To-Action is an important part of any digital marketing campaign. It should never be forgotten or ignored. Basically, if you don’t give your audience the exact line of action they are supposed to take, they will most likely drift away from your ad. 

When you start paying attention to digital marketing campaigns, you will start seeing that every single section of a website usually has a CTA. Pay attention to the Internet as you’re browsing and you will come across thousands of See More’s, Buy now’s, Get it here’s and Check it out’s. 

6) Track your results carefully and do split testing

The way to improve your writing for a digital marketing campaign is to learn what works and what doesn’t with your own audience. You can only go so far when you use your own judgement and taste or the help of a handful of people and their feedback. In reality, the best possible feedback you are going to get is the response of your audience. 

Ad copywriting is functional writing, so for a digital marketing text to fulfil its function, it means that it should drive sales, newsletter sign-ups, website visits or whatever your goal may be. You might have written a Pulitzer-worthy Facebook ad, but if it doesn’t convert, it’s not good copywriting. Learn not to take that to heart and use the audience’s reaction to tweak things and improve.


A well-written digital marketing campaign is a prerequisite for successful business in the online realm. Before you start implementing it, you have to make sure that it’s clear, precise, realistic and feasible. A good digital marketing campaign will serve as your map through the ins and outs of different media channels.