OK, stay with me here because I am going to talk about quite a dry subject – your About Me page.

I can see you are rolling your eyes already…..

Some people have a real problem with their About Me page. Can I ask you a question? Do you have an About Me or an About Us, or simply an About page on your website? If yes, is it any good? If no, then why the heck not?

There are two sorts of people on the internet, those who will visit About Me pages, and those who don’t bother, and quite frankly couldn’t care less if you have one or not.

When your plan consists of getting people to your landing page, and focusses on conversion to sales, then your About Me page doesn’t really figure in your plans. However, there will always be those potential customers who are harder to convert, and will need some extra reassurance before they are convinced to buy from you. This extra reassurance will undoubtedly come from your About Me page.

What’s On Your Page?

If you do have an About Me page, then it better be doing something good for your image, and really help to foster a feeling of trust to convince hard to please customers to buy from you.

If you don’t have an About Me page, then you should get one because people will be looking for it. Wanting to find out more about you indicates a potential customer who may well be looking for a long-term relationship, with the potential of repeat sales and loyalty.

There is one common problem with most About Me pages out there – they are so boring! Many people will add the page as an afterthought, and will only spend a few minutes adding a few ill thought out pieces of information.

I am sorry but YAWN! Your page is dull, and you are boring. I think I am going to go away now and find someone a little more interesting to do with. Thanks, but no thanks.

Is It Really All About You?

Go take a look at your page now….I can wait. Is your page all about your business, what you do, your history, your awards etc.? Yes? Then change it. Change it now.

Regardless of your focus, be that B2C or B2B, you have to remember that people do business with people. You need to put up real faces of real people with real names.

Don’t forget that you have a personality and a voice. You want your page to be about you and the other people you may work with, and not some faceless corporate greyness that can leave your potential new customers or clients feeling a bit vague and disconnected from you.

Mix It Up To Offer Interest

Looking at your page, is it all words, or have you included some images on there? What sort of images are they? An exterior shot of your building, or a long shot of your professional looking office?
Where are the smiling faces? Where are the real people? Give your potential customers or clients someone real to associate with, and you will be on your way to building a solid relationship with them.

Do you have a video clip? Video is a great way to get over the human side of your business, especially when you focus the camera on someone real. However, not everyone likes videos, and if they are watching your video at work, it may be their company policy to have the sound disabled on all computer equipment, so your video will obviously lose its impact.

If possible, have a mixture of text, images and video to cover all bases, but try not to rely on just one option. Your overall message should be about why your customer or client should choose you, how you can help them to get what they want, and be interesting!

Show your potential customers the benefits of choosing you. If you have some good feedback or customer testimonials, then put them on your About Me page. This is visual proof of why they should choose you over someone else.

A Boost For Your And Email Newsletter

Have a sign-up link to your newsletter on your About Me page, don’t just save your sign up link for your home page. This will give your curious visitors another chance to get to know you better.

A good About Me page will give you another magnetic page to promote on social media. Not many businesses actively promote their About Me pages on or etc. and it is a great way of attracting new sign-ups to your newsletter, as well as raising awareness of your brand online.

So, today’s homework….go and sort out your About Me page. It is not difficult, and your efforts will be rewarded with extra customers and increased email list contacts.