Like many other fans, I’m looking forward to the start of the next season of Premier League football. As an avid Liverpool FC supporter, okay, not everyone’s number one choice, but the club has had some good and bad times recently. In addition, there are changes afoot this season, the impact of which I’ll be watching closely. Setting the season up nicely is the new Sky Sports advert featuring Thierry Henry. After watching it, I could almost visualise being present during some of those iconic moments.

In summary, if you haven’t seen it, the advert picks out thirteen snapshots in footballing history, and Thierry is seen in each clip, starting in 1993 with him joining the celebrations of Brian Kidd and Sir Alex Ferguson, when a late win over Sheffield Wednesday set Manchester United on course for a first Premier League title.

Of course, these special effects are ground-breaking and not every can afford that sort of budget, but there a sense of nostalgia brought about by an emotional attachment to the result, person or venue. The advert simply makes you feel excited about the season ahead!

Applying that message to your business is simple. These moments of celebration and cheer are emotions we want to feel. It’s clever and leaves us with a warm glow. We end up adopting a product or service because we connect with the inherent message of that brand, whether or not it is success, power, danger, glamour or another need and most of this connectivity takes place on a subconscious level.

Your customers have to identify with your product, service and want to buy it. Just hoping that your product or service is well-designed, packaged and available, does not mean it will sell. That is where you have to create that desire or want and your product or service needs to create that emotional connection. On that basis, take some time to think about these questions and then answer them honestly.

  • What difference will your product or service make at a tangible level?
  • How will buying this product or service make your customer’s life different or better?
  • How do you help them to visualize or feel the end state?
  • Have you promoted any customer feedback to show that difference? If now, how can you do that?

As a summary, it’s all about how we want to feel about ourselves! And that is the genius of emotional . As for me, I’m hoping LFC have a top 5 finish this season!