When it comes to blogging and website development, WordPress is the only most suitable and the most popular tool that comes into our minds. WooCommerce is something that is uniquely designed to work with WordPress, allowing users to have a better experience of e-Commerce. Latest statistics show that more than 55% of the total E-commerce and marketing agencies are using this remarkable tool.

Most of the commerce sites in the world are using woo commerce as their initiative platform. Ranging from beginners to experts level tools, it is a stage for marketers where they can unleash the most exciting aspects of e-commerce and digital marketing. That being said, let us provide a brief insight into some of the most impressive features of WooCommerce and the reasons for its widespread acceptance.  

Easy and Friendly User-Experience

As a beginner, you need to keep things friendly and straightforward for yourself and your valuable customers. The friendly user interface of WooCommerce will allow you to have more customers. It is easy to use which encourages new customers to have easy access to your facilities and services. After having a look into its design and other features, you would definitely not give an old theme a second chance. 

The most exciting fact about this tool is the experience and environment that it provides, allowing its users to navigate through menus quickly. You can also look for some of the most trending WooCommerce stores trending in 2020 to have a better insight into its acceptance. 

Choose an Eye-catching WooCommerce Theme

Being an entrepreneur, you might feel the need for having a robust platform to initiate your business. WooCommerce is a fascinating stage through which small businesses can quickly begin their career.  Especially those who are associated with marketing business find this tool to be handy. It allows users to choose from hundreds and thousands of unique themes for their business. It offers its visitor an eye-catching user interface appealing to eyes and easy to navigate. 

Users can easily interact with this system, allowing themselves and others to have a better understanding of the application. Therefore, if you have just started a business and are willing to initiate one, you must try using woo commerce as your start-up. WooCommerce themes can be classified into the following three categories.  

  1. Free WooCommerce themes
  2. Paid WooCommerce themes
  3. Custom WooCommerce themes

Add Clear Call to Action (CTA) Buttons

The most exciting thing about these platforms is that it provides easy access to click to action buttons, helping fresh business owners to have much more access to more business. Moreover, it also solves the issue of not having clickable buttons in the right place. Your clients, when visiting your e-Commerce website, will not have to skim all the options and can directly jump to their desired destination. 

To take the maximum advantage of the stage, you can also use the aspiring features of WooCommerce to allow your potential clients to experience the best. Additional changes in style and themes can also be achieved by merely flowing some easy steps and guidelines.  

Make Products Easy to Find

The ease of your visiting customer is indeed the foremost thing that matters the most in a business start-up. To achieve maximum recognition in the market, you must make your page accessible and secure. It helps you in designing your page that could be easily navigated by your visitors, allowing you to add filters, price slots, menu, and other featuring elements. Adding plugins is, however, essential to make things work efficiently and effectively. 

The YITH WooCommerce Essentials kit incorporates all the vital elements that may become handy for you in the beginning. To streamline the process to even further extents, you can simply buy buttons and other exciting features that WooCommerce has to offer. 

Run A/B Tests

When you are a user of the woo-commerce platform, you can quickly run an A/B test for your website. It is a proof which is primarily known as the split testing allowing users to create two variants of the similar elements of the website. It provides you with an opportunity to estimate which factor is generating more leads. Ultimately, this feature assists you to have a better approach towards your customers. Moreover, having a thorough insight into points and other stuff helps you in creating more conversions than before.  

Understanding the fact that everyone wants to add new features to their website, the woo-commerce platform allows users to make random changes as per their need. It precisely monitors the changes and provides results accordingly. You can effectively identify the best element for your small business, allowing it to grow efficiently. It is also featured with an analytic testing tool that will enable users to make decisions based on factual data.  Below mentioned is the list of some of the astounding features that you can access.  

  • Conversion Rate
  • Return on Investment
  • Bounce Rate
  • Number of purchases


In simple terms, if you are a beginner and finding it challenging to find an effective way to start your e-Commerce and making business, then indeed you are at the right platform. After learning about the woo-commerce and the astounding features, it offers you want to end your search here.