There is nothing more liberating than turning up to work to a stimulating office for the day. A working space designed with marketeers and creative types in mind means that not only will companies and teams feel more at home, but hopefully, they will be filled with motivation and inspiration day in, day out.

Not only does a reflective office help to make the teams feel more content, it looks brilliant to any visitors, leaving a positive impression when external guests turn up. The key to creating an inspiring office hub for marketing and creative teams is to work cleverly with branding, constantly sharing the company’s ethos and mission statement. 

Here are 4 ways to create the perfect motivating environment for marketing and creative professionals:

1. Create a flowing space

Everyone loves to feel proud and honored to belong to a company, so help your team feel this by creating an office space with clever branded signage. By featuring branding in certain areas, perhaps in an array of colours and sizes to reflect different areas, it builds a cohesive environment. It’s about bringing about those feelings of belonging. If your company has sub-brands, seat staff who work closely with certain brands in rooms which are themed to these. They will feel key to the business more than ever. 

2. Focus on comfort

There’s nothing more less motivating for teams than to come into work and be expected to brainstorm interesting ideas, only to not feel comfortable in the office. This could be due to temperature, seating arrangements or desk space, to name a few. 

Survey around the staff and ask for their desired temperatures for heating or air conditioning. You won’t be pulling out any earth-shattering ideas from staff who are too cold to type. Do your research on electricity for business, for which you can compare prices here. It’s key to get the heating just right, but also at the right price. 

3. Celebrate achievements

Create a celebration wall or area in the office which is a shrine to company results and achievements. This will also brighten up any dull spaces. You can print out people’s photos and stick them around with any key ideas or quotes they have said, and even print out life-size cut outs of a particular team winner that month.

Not only does this bring humour to the office, it also inspires staff to get themselves featured.  

4. Install engaging meeting rooms

Marketing and creative industries tend to have staff who are visually led, therefore meeting rooms lined with desks and a screen will do nothing for their imaginations. Fill it with bean bags, drawing boards, iPads, market pens, crayons, and fun wooden blocks. Open it out to staff to see what they would like to see in the meeting rooms. Perhaps they could be filled with neon post-it notes and colour coded walls. The choice is yours.

Does your current office need a bit of branding, décor and space assessing? Research into the tips above and see how your teams can become more motivated just by working in a more inspiring office space.