When I attend networking events for my , one of the most popular topics of discussion is whether or not the U.K. (and the global in general) is out of recession or not.  Seems to me that many people I meet fall into one of two camps – yes, we’re out of the slump we’ve been in since 2008 or no, we’re very much still in it and things are fairly bleak.

I’m a positive person in general so I always tend to look for the silver lining and I also believe that we’re masters of our own destiny when it comes to recessions so it’s up to individual business owners to get themselves out of recession.

With that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to see what the general feeling is among our regular readers in a very simple poll. It’s a simple questions – how confident are you that your business will grow in the next six months. Let’s see what the general feeling is…

This is far from a scientific study by the way!

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