Online shopping and eCommerce is a booming industry that is only expanding. More and more people are using online shopping instead of buying items in-person. With millions of people working from home or learning from home, more people are online than ever before. The eCommerce industry will only grow, and your sales strategy must keep up with the rapid growth. There is no time to slow down in online business because the Internet simply moves too fast. Use these tips, tricks, and suggestions to boost your eCommerce strategies so your business can stay on top of the digital realm. 

Elements Customers Expect

The Internet is not new anymore. The latest generation is growing up knowing how to use the Internet while the older generations are still catching up in some areas. While some eCommerce areas have kept up with the times, not every site has features or elements customers have come to expect. There are some simple things that customers know to look far, and you should incorporate them into your site for the best results. 

As Internet literacy grows, more people are looking for trustworthiness badges or indicators. If your site is not HTTPS://, it absolutely should be. Old HTTP:// still works, but the site is not secure, and customers know it. Many customers will avoid sites that do not use HTTPS as they are rightfully unwilling to risk their cybersecurity just to visit or use your website. Switching to HTTPS is the first step you can take to show that your site is safe for customers. Adding other security badges like PayPal Verified or BBB Accreditation can help customers feel even more confident in your site’s security. 

Customers also expect shipping options. Unexpected shipping costs is the most cited reason customers abandon their shopping carts, so take the time to make the shipping experience better for customers. You can significantly enhance your shipping experience by adding various tools. Incorporate APIS like the ups time in transit API or other shipping APIs connected to carriers to give your customers options. Let customers choose to pay for faster shipping, but the standard shipping option should not break the bank. Using APIs and partnering with carries can help you lower shipping costs for you and your customers.

Optimize for Different Platforms And Ease of Use

The Internet is so vast that customers simply will not use a website that is not optimized or easy to use. There are now more mobile browsers than desktop, so your site must be optimized for mobile users to reach the most expansive market possible. You can emulate mobile browsing, so you don’t even need a separate device to make sure your site is optimized and easy to use on mobile. Ease of use is a significant factor in a customer’s decision to use your company or not. Adding translation programs can help you attract more international customers, optimize for the range of mobile screens to attract more mobile users, and add a helpful FAQ page to help your customers navigate your site as efficiently as possible. There is no single solution to optimization or ease of use; you must look at every aspect of your site and process through a customer’s eyes to correctly identify where you need to make improvements. 

Helpful Extra Features

Some features are nice for both businesses and customers, but they are not classed as necessary or universally standard features. One such feature is the wish list or save-item capability. Sometimes customers want to buy an item, but the time is not right. Rather than making the customer find the item again when they want to buy, let customers save items to a customizable list to buy the item later quickly. You can also send emails reminding customers of the things they left behind. You can also increase the likelihood of a customer completing a purchase by adding one-button buying, and not requiring an account to checkout.

Live chat is another feature that customers increasingly appreciate. When it comes to customer support, customers like live chat the most at 73%, followed by email at 61%, and other methods sit at 53% and below with phone support sitting near the bottom at 44%. Add a live chatbot to your website to help customers find simple answers or connect them to human support if needed. The faster you can get customers the answers they are looking for, the quicker they can check out. 

There are many different ways to boost your eCommerce sales strategy. In a perfect world, you could take every step to make your strategy better, but there are only so many hours in the day. If you are going to focus on your website to attract customers, make your site as easy for customers to use as you can. Let customers know you are trustworthy with HTTPS and security badges. Offer different shipping options by using APIs, so shipping is never why a customer abandons a sale. Optimize your site, so it works on mobile devices and desktop; add translation programs and a helpful content-filled FAW pack so customers can find answers to common questions. Extra features like a wishlist or one-click buy button, and a live chatbot, can help make your site even better even if they are not universal requirements.