Finding the best digital marketing is complicated. Know your agency well and do not invest money on marketing without knowing you get a return or not.

Marketing is a dynamic process which involves several micro and macro factors. Business students plan marketing assignments along these pointers for a holistic understanding. An in-depth analysis if business case studies and reviews often highlight just where the brand went right or wrong, 

HashBro’s success story is along similar lines. This toy company has come a long way, reaching the top rungs of the competition, thanks to its ingenious SEO and SEM strategy.

1 Customers Behaviour

Marketing is all about connecting with customers on the most used platform. Before that, you should know about your customer’s behaviour. Not just outer level like they need help with SEO but deeper understanding.

Understand the solutions they have tried to solve their issues? What do they think about what works best and why?

Most companies are running successfully because they research well on their customers. In fact, marketing students often refer to business management assignments and case studies to understand their customer engagement strategy.

2 Well planned structure and documentation

Establishing a business is exciting yet challenging. Initially, you may be much focused on revenue generation. But as the business grows, you must concentrate on documentation. May need documentation about running PR, social media or paid ad campaigns.

3 Use the right tools.

An inbound marketing campaign needs a wide range of tools. MailChimp to run your email list and google analytics to keep track of data. The more tools you use, the more time you should spend on learning them.

Online marketing tools go a long way to expand your business and get more traction. In fact, the more you rely on these tools, the better data and insights you get. Small-scale brands can also determine the demographic they want to target. 

The correct email marketing strategies and social media game is all you need to mark a space for yourself in this competitive market.  

4 Consistency

Organic SEO takes around 5 to 6 months to get a result. That is you should be faithful with your content production for an extended period until you start seeing ROI. Successful content marketers are consistent and putting effort throughout the period.

5 Quality

Producing quality content for a specific targeted audience is vital for conversion. Writing random topics without knowing your audience takes you nowhere in the market. High rankings in Google come from producing unique content for your audience.

Market research is essential to see business success. Business students often have to plan market research assignments. Conducting market research is not a child play. It will help if you have proper planning, well-researched database and analyzing skills.

There two types of market research:

  • Quantitative Research gathers data in a bulk way as the name says. The research aims to collect data from the base level. This includes customer survey, feedback and queries.
  • Qualitative Research has more differences and niches. But it depends on data collected before. It aims at smaller groups, and it is conducted after quantitative research.

About Hasbro:

Hasbro, Inc is a company that provides children and family-wide entertainment. It manufactures from toys, games to digital gaming. Hasbro has global customers and brands like Transformers, Littlest pet shop etc.

Hasbro’s studio produces television programming for markets across the globe. The Hub TV Network had joint enterprise with Hasbro and Discovery Communications. Hasbro is serving best to safeguard and viable life for the future generation. They have a positive impact on millions of children and family every year. It is marked as ‘World’s Most Ethical Company’.

About AMP Agency:

AMP Agency is a combined publication agency that gives insightful results. They put in place innovative marketing solutions across diverse channels. AMP agency understands consumers’ perception and knows media channels. Their clients mainly are Maybelline, New Yor, Ansell etc.

AMP Agency responsibilities of SEO and SEM services for Hasbro’s brand.

Hasbro has opted for AMP Agency as they own an excellent record on search services. Based on AMP creativity and digital expertise, Hasbro is getting benefited by them.

AMP created a strategic plan for Hasbro’s business. With excellent analytical knowledge, they check the success of their program.

The AMP Digital team takes charge of producing strategy and installs them on many channels. They do marketing using paid SEM, SEO and analytics.

AMP and Hasbro aim to explore digital techniques to connect with customers. AMP follows best practice to generate leads from Social media along with the usage of the best  Social media management tools. 

You may invest billions of dollars on marketing. But without measuring ROI, you will never know how to spend on marketing.

AMP goals where:

  • To get clarity on marketing that impacts before/after connecting with the brand online.
  • Find techniques to equate with conversions.
  • Understand how financing channels can improve performance.

AMP Agency applied 3 part plans for Hasbro:

Step 1:

The main goal of opting digital marketing agency is they have expertise skills. AMP was able to create statistical data for Hasbro in a precise and high level of analysis.

Amp used third party data to examine the browsing mode of clients before they got from the toy company. This way, they could understand the key that influences people to buy a toy from Hasbro.

By analysing customers’ sales, Hasbro got clarity on funding in marketing.

Step 2: Behavioural analysis

Amp examined customers’ behaviour towards Hasbro’s site. They analyzed what content customers were engaged in and the low range of content.

They applied a model technique to examine customer action towards Hasbro sites. So that customers complete the purchasing process more effectively.

This helped them to analyse their needs and alter the content to get high conversion.

Step 3: Attribution Analysis:

AMP used economic modelling techniques to examine media ventures. This resulted in perception into ROI of diverse marketing channels. This profited Hasbro to check the execution of marketing channels. So they could generate leads.

The agency achieved the goal by understanding the client about their entire customer journey. By analyzing customers and their interaction with buying Hasbro was able to optimize to get ROI.

You don’t have to opt for an agency to maintain SEO, paid ads use their resources to analyse your business. Plus you can find where you lack behind and improve them to return on investment. You can also improve sales revenue by using Instagram and Email Marketing.

According to Marketing profs, 82 % of marketers expect campaigns to be analysed. Around 24 % can calculate ROI and SEO and 26 % can track ROI on social media.

It is necessary to have some norm when measuring how much ROI you require from each channel. Here is an average return on marketing channels for $1.

Internet display advertising $20
Social Media$13

High returns depend on varied factors like:

  • Competitiveness and quality of the product in the market.
  • How complex the industry is completely
  • Proficiency of the agency that is reliable for marketing
  • Marketing platforms used.
  • Tracking of conversions.

Before investing in an agency, understand how they calculate ROI. Without tracking ROI, there is a high chance of a deal-breaker.

Before investing in an agency, you should calculate the outcome they should get for you. 

Formula to calculate ROI from SEO campaign is

The final value of Investment – Initial Value of Investment *100%
Cost of Investment         

Having google analytics account, it will default show you ROI of Adwords.

According to Brian Clifton, there are issues with this:

  • Google Analytics merges total revenue from transactions and goals. This can lead to double counting. Example: When customers add items to the cart, it becomes a monetized goal.
  • Google assumes all revenues are profit as it can not pass in costs of business.


SEM and SEO are pillars for improving your brand. Plus they give revenue for your business. Ensure your hand over marketing responsibility to the right agency. Investing thousands of dollars and getting no income can make you bankrupt.