In today’s technologically advanced and fast-paced world almost every business sector has turned to digitization. But mere online presence is not enough for tempting clients and businesses to buy your commodities. To stay afloat in the market while being challenged by competitors’ day in and day out, you need to implement various strategies to attract potential customers by generating leads time and again. Here are few best lead generating practices that you can utilize to grab the attention of your targeted audiences.

Special Offers and Giveaways

Everyone likes to receive free gifts and exciting offers. Consider hosting sweepstakes and contests on various social media platforms which can be shared and liked by the people. Include entry forms that would aid you in building a portfolio of your potential leads and customers. Make sure that participants have the option to share the contest details or links through their social media. This will let you get the word across all social channels and help you to reach out and build relationships with more people with each mention.

Promoting Gated Content

Gated content is content that is protected by a virtual gate. Promoting and sharing gated content or links to the same is the easiest and convenient way to generate leads. For promoting this gated content you should share a link that takes the reader to your landing page where they provide their details in order to gain access to the content. Your content should be valuable, immersive and interesting for the readers so as to encourage them to provide their contact and personal email addresses.

Paid social media ads

Running paid social media ad campaign is the most popular and sure-shot way to generate leads that can be converted into potential future buyers. Recent advancements in technology and updated social media algorithms let you target specific audience who would like to see your content and engage in your products. New algorithms promote relevant content instead of promotional content in order to enrich user experience. Social media ad campaigns let you select or target a particular demographic group of potential clientele based on occupation, age, sex, location, etc which lets you target proper audiences at low advertising costs.

Webinars and Live Videos

Another way to engage with your potential clients and generate leads is by utilizing hangouts, webinars and live videos on a particular subject with prior registration. Since advance registration is required, many people would not attend the webinar, but those are really interested will nevertheless register. This aids in collecting the most relevant leads.

In live-video sessions, the company can promote their products or gated content. They can also advertise contests and share the links to their landing pages in order to generate the leads. When you go live, you get the opportunity to interact and engage with the audience and answer their doubts, queries, receive feedback and create general awareness of your goods and services at the same time. Facebook, Hangouts, YouTube, etc all have features that let you conduct live-videos.

Referral Campaigns

Giving gift cards and discounts for each reference for either referrer or referee or both is a great way of generating leads. Studies have shown that 92% of buyers trust their friends and families recommendations. With refer-a-friend campaign, you can encourage your existing customer to recommend you to their circle and in process aid you in expanding your customer base in short time frame. You can promote your refer-a-friend campaign across social media platforms to receive desired results.

Discount coupons

Flash sales and discount codes promote the brand and generate greater demand. By incorporating a call to action options along with time constraints may generate a sense of missing out or urgency in minds of people which will lead them to respond and register or sign in for accessing coupons, deals, and offers. You can use different discount codes for different social platforms so as to determine which media platform directed more traffic to your landing page or website.

Polls and Surveys

To find out what spikes interest of your followers conduct polls and surveys which engage your audiences. This is another great way to understand their needs and demands, pain points and to collect necessary feedback from relevant people. You can also give them incentives to boost the overall response rate.


Though digitization has taken every industry by storm, mere online presence is not enough to guide customers towards your products and services. It is equally necessary that you reach out to the right pool of potential clients by utilizing various social media platforms and their algorithms to pitch your brand, create brand awareness, target potential leads, and turn them into your loyal customers through organic social media campaigns and paid advertisements.