Instagram is a social media platform that has over 800 million users. This makes it very lucrative for email marketers. Business brands can efficiently showcase themselves on Instagram and improve engagement with customers interested in their brand. The major function of Instagram is to enhance brand visibility and convert more leads into sales.

Ways to optimise your Instagram profile

Email marketers face the major challenge of getting customers to engage with the content they post. If you take a look at email marketing today, you will find many emails are exchanged on a regular basis however people do not have the interest to read what is inside them. There are certain valuables like writing compelling subjects, body, images, etc., that are needed to attract the customer and make the open the email.

It is here that you should use social media images in your email to optimize them and make them more appealing to your customer. When you use social media images in your email, you can improve customer engagement that in turn boosts sales to your business.

Instagram is a perfect visual content platform

If you take a look at Instagram today, you will find it is the perfect visual content platform for email marketing. Today, images can speak many words over lines of content. The customer has become savvy, and he or she no longer wishes to read content to buy a project. Images and pictures that show the various angles of your product largely help you to reach out to the targeted audience and connect with them.  You can attract attention with product images as consumers want to know more about them. Pictures from different angles give them a true image of the product that helps them to figure out features, appearance, design and more. In short, with the right images, you can create appeal and sell the product more easily to your consumer.

Sign up for email forms

You may ask your Instagram followers to sign up for email forms. The process is simple. On your Instagram bio, you may insert a link where you can ask your followers to subscribe to your email. In this way, you can promote the offers, incentives, and discounts to them. When your Instagram followers sign up for your email, you will get their data that will help you to market your products to them successfully.

Drive sales directly to your brand or business

In fact, when you combine email marketing and Instagram, you can drive sales directly to your business. When the number of sign-ups for your email services increase, you should bank on this opportunity and start to send deals and offers directly to the inbox of your customers. The content and images that you send in the email should be fascinating and interactive. You should be sure to give them lots of value and understand what is relevant to them. Here you should be slow when it comes to sending newsletters to your customers. The mails should boost sales.

Make use of newsletters

Remember newsletters are very important for the success of your business and to drive sales. Most of the posts that you publish online might be buried so it is smart to send a regular newsletter that helps your targeted audience to understand the new products that are being launched in the market. In this way, they can efficiently keep track and not allow your posts to be missed or buried in the feed.

The language of the newsletter should be simple

If you wish to spice up the relationship with your customer, sending newsletters to help you to invoke trust and credibility. You may send newsletters with the latest offers and discounts you are willing to give to your subscribers. The content of the newsletter you send should be simple and easy for your subscribers to understand.

The experience of the customer is essential

When it comes to driving sales for your brand and business, the experience of the customer is significant. Make sure the experience of the customer is a good one so that you effectively can drive sales and revenue to your business without success. You must pay attention to minute details of your customer like gender, location, interests, buying patterns and history. You cannot push a sale if you are not aware of what your customers want. Study them and find out. This will help you to understand the profile of the customer and promote and market your products better.

Instagram is a fantastic platform for small to large businesses to market and sells their goods to the targeted customer. Make use of it and see the sales rise with daily posts and followers!