A while ago I wrote a blog about the Battle of the Supermarkets and how my partner and I went through a process of choosing which one to shop at. I realised that adverts did actually have some impact on our decision.

We didn’t actually try Lidl at the time (I’m guessing it’s the same as Aldi) but if the advert below was around then, maybe we would have.

The opening of the advert definitely looks like a place that we would frequent – being the hip and happening folk we are. Then seeing the food being served to the customers again made us oo and aah at how lovely the food looked, still not knowing what the advert was promoting. Not until the end do we find out that it is indeed Lidl which has provided such excitement for everyone.

A very clever advert indeed, making the brand seem more upmarket than you would think and also never actually saying the words Lidl out loud, only reading the words at the end. Very neat.