There’s a video going around at the moment which is one of those which makes you sit in silence and just watch. It’s from States United To Prevent Gun Violence, and at first I have to admit I thought it would be very ‘American’ and showy with loads of over emotional Americans crying on camera and talking of life changing experiences.

Yes, this video does have Americans who have just been through a life changing experience, but it’s done in such a way which is very subdued and peaceful, which makes the point even more hard hitting.

It’s a scary fact that ‘Over 60% of Americans think owning a gun will make their lives safer.’ If I ask most of the people I know, I bet that the majority will think owning a gun makes you more at risk. My mum once said, when having a discussion around this topic, “If you don’t have a gun you can’t shoot it or be shot with it.” Something which is very obvious, but very true.

It’s sad that it takes such horrific stories, like the ones in this video, to make people stop and think about the negative impacts that can happen when owning a firearm. However, it’s good that campaigns such as this can have the power to change peoples opinions one person at a time.