Every season marks the return of the ‘Now’ CD: Christmas, Summer, RUNNING! And every season I seem to fall for the same trap of thinking the CD will be full of songs I know and can sing along to for hours.

How wrong I usually am.  I think we all know how it goes…

  • Disc 1 for the mainstream songs which everyone knows
  • Disc 2 for the ‘oh yeah, I remember that!’
  • Disc 3 for the…’don’t know that’…’don’t know that’…remix of a song you sort of know

Advertisers for these CDs are almost magical in the way they promote the product; from having a very excited man shout the voice over, to choosing the best songs possible to draw us in to buying yet another CD (for the car) linked with having the sexiest stars and their videos on the screen.

A culmination of the above and I’m sold, hook, line and sinker. Bravo Mr and Mrs Advertiser!

(There are however, some absolute classics in this)