We have all been handed flyers at some point, and many of us merely glance at the flyer and try to look for the nearest rubbish bin so we can drop it in. But some flyers have admittedly been more attractive than others, and we tend to keep these flyers if something catches our eye. But if you have a business and are wondering how you can make flyers that stand out and perhaps even encourage the reader to take action, here’s how you can create the most attractive and effective flyer for your business.

Establish a focal point 

Think about what you would like readers to notice first about your flyer, and focus on this so you can engage with them. In other words, you need to establish a focal point for your flyer. For instance, do you want them to focus on the images? Then you need to have professional images that are striking enough to get noticed. The quality is critical, because if your images are unclear and dull, then your corresponding message will be viewed as unclear and dull as well. Colourful images often do the trick and make sure they are crystal clear. The right images can also support your message and create a vibe or mood for your audience. 

Aside from having great images, you should also think about the proper font size and style which can complement your images. But whatever you choose, ensure that the text is easy to read and legible, and it’s best to choose those that will be a good reflection of your brand as well.

Know your audience 

For your focal point to be more effective, you have to know your audience. This is where doing research comes in – you have to determine who your potential customers are to create a tone and message that speaks to them. If you have a salon, for instance, and your target audience consists of women, then use specific descriptions and terms that appeal to them. Here’s another thing to remember: when addressing your audience, it’s better to use ‘your’ and ‘you’ rather than ‘I’ or ‘we.’

Keep your message simple

Flyers are often small in size, so it’s in your best interest to keep your message simple, as Harveyboard Print & Digital printing services in Stockport recommend. Be as direct as possible but know that less is often more. You only have a few seconds, after all, to capture your audience’s attention, and a few more seconds after that to get them hooked. This is why you should have concise wording and clear information about your business, product, offer, and so on. 

Don’t forget to include the essentials as well, such as a snappy title or headline. You can make your title or headline provocative and catchy with a few particular words, such as ‘Unlock,’ ‘Discover,’ ‘How to…’, and so on. Action words also make a difference, so stick with active verbs and avoid the passive voice. You can make use of bullet points to get more of your message across and to make your text easier to read and digest. If you have discounts, bargains, and special offers, include this in your flyer as well – you’ll be surprised at their impact.