If you are reading this article, you probably have a website and, most likely, sell your products or services through it. Today, any decent company has its own site, which is often the main sales channel. There, you make a marketplace, share customer reviews, and provide information about the company. In this article, we will talk about what a payment system for website is, why you need it, and how it can help your business. 

A payment system concept 

The concept of a payment system has been known for several decades. At first, this term was used mainly in the banking sector. Banks used the SWIFT system to transfer assets. It was a revolutionary and very fast tool for transferring money around the world. Since then, technologies have developed greatly, but the principle and main goal of payment systems have remained the same: the transfer of money from one entity to another.

Today, there are payment systems for almost every major international currency. You can easily transfer euros, dollars, and pounds with minimal fees. Any payment system is primarily a complex technology that operates on the basis of secure protocols. Without them, the economies of countries would develop much more slowly.

Each of us uses money-related technologies on a daily basis. We pay with credit and debit cards in stores, order online, pay for subscriptions, and buy airline tickets by touching our phones to POS terminals. If you are an entrepreneur, then your task is to integrate the payment system into your website with maximum benefit for yourself. 

Business needs 

For your website to sell and customers not to go to other firms, you need to choose a gateway that will become a link between you and the buyer. The buyer pays, you send the goods, and the provider is responsible for financial transactions. The payment system is usually connected via API, but there are other connection options.

Of course, the provider takes a commission or a monthly fee for making payments. However, it is much cheaper than writing additional code yourself and, most importantly, much safer. Choose a provider that is ready to offer customized solutions and has flexible pricing plans to suit any business.

When connecting a payment system, pay attention to the analytics that will give you an understanding of your target audience and help you make more informed decisions in the future. A reputable provider will offer a payment system connection that complies with standard security protocols such as PCI DSS. Data encryption guarantees the protection of confidential customer information and, as a result, your impeccable reputation. 


Integrating a payment system into your website is a must if you want to build long-term relationships with your customers. Clients are interested in simplicity and reliability. These benefits can be offered by Fondy.IO, an electronic payment service provider. It will handle a huge portion of the financial operations and help you focus on the creative and strategic side of your business.