In the words of Little Britain, “Britain, Britain, Britain.” This week I thought I’d pay homage to our wonderful Britain.

We have some fantastic actors, athletes, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and more on our small island and what better way to showcase them than through adverts.  I’ve been racking my brain this week for some of the best adverts I’ve seen which are all about Britain and our people.


I’m starting the week with a fantastic current ad by Guinness.  They’ve done a few variations of the one I’ve chosen, and all are worth a watch.  They show the kind of people the British are in a spine tingling way, showing the passion, courage and tenacity we have as a nation. “This film proves that there are far greater qualities a man can possess than just physical ones. With determination, character and ambition, anything is possible no matter what the doubters say.” 

I like adverts which make me smile and laugh, for obvious reasons, but the ones which really stay with me are the ones that get me the way this one does…shivers.