What exactly is WooCommerce?

Among all the plugins available for WordPress developers, WooCommerce can be considered as one of the best options to help eCommerce entrepreneurs create the most optimal versions of websites for their companies. Currently, over 3 million sites are active which use this very plugin – which comprises nearly 5% of all websites that are live at any given time. You may have noticed that tons of eCommerce websites have a similar look and feel. This is due to the fact that they are created with the help of WordPress, and the plugin they use – WooCommerce – lends that look to the arrangement of icons, font styles, etc.

What does a website with a great WooCommerce page look like?

Brands worldwide usually choose not to use plugins like WooCommerce, as they have professional programmers to do the job for them instead. WooCommerce happens to be the perfect option for small and medium-sized businesses such as bakeries, restaurants and thrift shops. But it’s also important to keep in mind that eCommerce is never successful without the help of proper SEO. Thankfully, WordPress makes putting everything together a whole lot more convenient.  

Why do Small Businesses make use of WooCommerce so frequently?

There are many different reasons why small business owners enjoy using this particular WordPress plugin. Read on to find out about some of them!\

1. It’s Free!

When you first start off a business, it’s most probable that you aren’t swimming in funds. You’re more likely on a limited budget, and you would want to put every penny to use. The best part about WooCommerce is that it is free. Obviously, you can go ahead and blow a thousand dollars on many different premium versions of plugins and derive their benefits. But, as a beginner, this free version is the perfect choice for you as a startup owner to help you earn some money.

2. It has all the benefits of WordPress

If you are a WordPress user, then you’d know that the procedure to set everything up before publishing is a super simple one. As soon as you publish, you get amazed by how good the website looks. Well, it’s the same with WooCommerce. It has the same outlook and a ton of other cool features that you can use to your benefit. 

Additionally, yet another benefit of this plugin is that it connects with thousands of others that are available on WordPress, which helps those who aren’t very concerned with how the website looks. Due to the fact that it is integrated into the system, WooCommerce thus becomes a part of the entire website – which means it can be used simultaneously to every other feature on the website. 

You should also keep in mind that many other extensions have been created specifically for WooCommerce. This means that all you users can do some extraordinary work on your WordPress, and all for free!

3. It has its own analytics

Being able to run a successful business entails having to understand the psyche of your customers. WooCommerce is a plugin that comes with its analytics page which will provide you with a lot of information regarding the visitors you have on your website. 

If you find that your website has tons of visitors but a disproportionately less number of conversions, then it’s time to look at the analytics chart to figure out what’s wrong. For example, you may need to change your marketing strategy if you’re selling gadgets and most of your page visitors are above the age of 50. 

A very exciting fact about this tool is the fun environment and experience it provides, which allows users to navigate through the pages in a seamless manner. With the help of 

WooCommerce, you can set up your own store that looks extremely professional and then go ahead with the selling process of all your products without any difficulty. 

WooCommerce is a tool that will help make it easier for you to manage your business, but you can additionally make it more efficient by adhering to some tips. Read on to find out what they are!

4. Make use of sub-categories

Adding sub-categories to your store using the WooCommerce plugin is of utmost importance. It helps in making your products easily discoverable under specific categories, but sometimes the range becomes much too wide for the particular criterion. This is when it’s a good idea to look at creating a sub-category for it, which will enable your customers to find what they’re looking for quickly. Additionally, you can manage your inventory a lot better this way, too.

5. Run A/B tests

Being a WooCommerce platform user allows you to quickly run A/B tests for your websites – which is proof (primarily known as split testing) that allows users to create two different variants of the website with the help of similar elements. This gives you an opportunity to measure out which factor generates more leads. That means that you have a thorough insight into the aspects of your websites that help in the conversion process, thus getting the unnecessary elements out of the way.

6. Make all your products accessible

Above all else, providing your visiting customer with a sense of ease should be your topmost priority as a business startup owner. To achieve the maximum possible recognition, there is in the market, it is extremely important to make your page secure and accessible. This helps you design a page that is very easy to navigate and allows you to add different elements such as price slots, menu, and filters, according to what you need. Adding plugins, therefore, becomes an essential part of making things work efficiently. 


7. Pick a theme that is eye-catching!

Being a startup owner, you may feel the requirement to have a platform that is highly developed in all its aspects so that your business can further itself. eCommerce helps you to quickly begin your career. People who are in the field of business marketing find this tool especially fascinating and handy as it helps users choose from several different unique themes. This helps the business website offer a super eye-catching user interface that not only is appealing to the eye but also immensely easy to navigate. 

Thus, the entire user interface is made simpler, allowing users to easily interact with the system and also providing them with a better understanding of what they are looking at. There are three different kinds of themes to choose from, – free, paid and custom WooCommerce themes. 

8. Add a clear CTA button

A useful feature offered by the websites hosted on such platforms is that there is always an ease of access provided for the click to action buttons. This helps users gain a lot more traction and therefore, good business. Additionally, it eliminates the problem of not having clickable buttons positioned in the right place. With an accessible CTA button, your customers can easily navigate to their desired location and not waste their precious time while skimming over all the available options.