Digital marketing has taken the marketing world by storm. It has a lot of potential (and there is no doubt about it). But, does it push the traditional marketing styles and practices out of the game? 

For many decades, traditional marketing practices and tools like leaflet flyers, brochures and billboard ads, have been doing the task amazingly for businesses. They have been incredibly helpful in promoting products and services. But with the world transforming into a digital hub, is there space for leaflet flyers even now? Or is it a gone game? Let’s have a deeper look.


We all know that the marketing world has turned digital and for all the right reasons. When more than 50% of the consumers are now relying on the internet and social media and websites to buy products and services; it makes sense to market the product on these podiums. 

But this does not mean that flyers won’t work today. If we simply put an answer to are flyers still effective; we would say YES. they still have the power to market your brand or business and help you gain the awareness and recognition that you are looking for. 

There are 2 types of flyers:

  • Addressed mail 
  • Door drops 

An addressed mail flyer is mailed to a specific address, to a household. On the other hand, the door drop flyers are not addressed to someone specific. They are just handed out randomly.

Now, the statistics show us that both these types of flyers still possess the potential to market a business. Let’s talk in figures and statistics to show a clearer picture. 

Door Drops:

The door drop flyers are not as efficient as addressed mail types but they still have a little room. According to stats, 5% of people do look at a flyer and read through it too. For instance, if you leave a flyer at their doorstep, 5% people will certainly take a glance at it. And if it is magnetizing enough; you never know, you will be winning some customers right there. 

On the other hand, 16% of people put the flyer aside to have a look at it later on and many of them do, at some point, read through it. 

Addressed Mail:

Addressed mail flyers are more effective as 57% of people open and read through it when it reaches them in their mail. 8% of people put it aside but read through it within a month.


There are a lot of businesses who rely on flyers for marketing their brand or themselves. This is because they are cost effective and allow you to be super creative too. Many coffee shops, personal trainers, artists, local politicians and hair dresses etc. use leaflet flyers to market their services. Thus, flyers are still an effective marketing tool and they will remain so, for the coming years too.