Video material is one of the quickest ways to attract the consumers’ attention, so it is used in marketing a lot. However, to achieve the best results, you need to pay special attention to not only the content and form of the video but also to the needs of the buyers at any specific moment.

In order to become aware of the process that the customers go through when deciding to buy your product or service, you need to understand the concept of buyer’s journey. Buyer’s journey is the idea that a person always goes through three distinct stages, from the moment they notice a need for something, until the moment they make a purchase. The first stage is the awareness stage, followed by the consideration stage, and the decision stage is the final stage.

When you understand buyer’s journey, adapting your marketing strategies to the need of your customers becomes a piece of cake. This text will provide the description of each stage and the ideas for the most appropriate types of video material.

The awareness stage

This is the stage in which the potential buyer realizes that he/she has a problem. It can be any kind of situation, from “I can’t open this bottle” to “I kind of like this dress”. Therefore, this is the first moment in which the buyer is open to you, so you need to find a way to present your goods or services to them. At this point, you will find that social media and Google come in handy – they are the first things that the buyer will check out. It might be useful to throw in some branded short links, since they look nicer in facebook posts and are more likely to attract attention than the endless incomprehensible links.

When it comes to the video material, the most useful ones are the ones that will help buyers understand their problem better. It can be an educational video which describes the situation they’re in, and what they need in order to solve it. It will draw attention to your brand, and they will be more inclined to buy what you’re offering. By making them understand their problem, you are forming a relationship of trust, which causes potential buyers to look on your product from a positive point of view.

Another useful tactic is a commercial video, which will promote your product. That way, the buyers can make a connection between their problem and your solution by themselves.

The consideration stage

This is the stage of contemplation. The buyer is now considering different options and ways of approaching the problem. Your job now is to show them that your product is the best way to go. Try to demonstrate that they will solve the issue in the fastest and easiest way by accepting what you’re offering.

In order to do that, you can use an explainer video. These videos are great because you can easily prove how useful your product is when applied to the exact problem that the buyer is struggling with. They show your understanding of the buyer’s troubles and they present the solution.

Another convenient kind of video for this stage is a product video. They are focused on the practical aspect, and they show how your product should be used. These videos are very helpful because of the fact that they show how successful the product is when it is used in the particular situation.

Hiring a video production company is a good idea at this point, because it is very important to make everything seem flawless. Any glitch in the video may be detrimental in establishing the trust between the buyers and the product.

The decision stage

Right now, the prospective buyer is about to finally make that decision. They have all the facts, they know what they need, they have decided on the type of product they need, and now the only question is if they’ll come to you to your competitors.

The final push in the right direction is testimonials. Demonstrate how happy everyone else is with your products. Display people’s satisfaction with the effectiveness of what you’re offering. It’s a great way of building trust, and possibly the ultimate way of gaining new customers.

Video is a fantastic tool in your marketing tool-box, but there isn’t one video that’ll work for everything. However, if you make good use of your knowledge of buyer’s journey, your video is almost guaranteed to succeed.