Do small businesses need the same software as large corporations? The simple answer to that question is no. However, the long answer is a little more complicated. Small businesses do not have the same software needs as large corporations. The needs of large and small businesses are actually the same for comparable businesses; the scale of needs is different. Here are four examples of how small and large businesses can have the same software needs but different scales.

Call Centre Solutions

Bright Pattern is a software company that offers contact center solutions; they address all the needs of call centers, customer experience, customer interaction to increase customer satisfaction. Both small and large businesses that rely on call centers will benefit from these software solutions. The difference is the level of dependence the company will have on the software.

A call center of fewer than 20 people will have more interaction, training, and teamwork. Large companies will rely heavily on the software to do the heavy lifting within the call center. While companies that are particularly small likely don’t operate call centers, any type of contact center will benefit from this type of software and call routing capabilities.

Software Development

Large corporations will highly need top nearshore software development for nearshore outsourcing of software development services. Software development services are needed by any company that relies on custom software to fulfill their business needs or products. A software development team can offer a custom service for companies that can afford it. Whether the company is a startup or has years of experience in their industry, they can benefit from outsourcing software development to companies like Devsu, which has the human resources and the talent to create whatever is needed.


Marketing software services like Hootsuite work the same regardless of the size of the business. Like the other software solutions, however, the size of the business will determine how much the company relies on the software services to run the day-to-day operations within the business. Likewise, the company’s size will also determine the size of the marketing team in-house to ensure the marketing strategy and branding is consistent across all platforms.

Marketing can be challenging to manage due to the vast array of activities under the marketing umbrella. Marketing activities include web content, social media, email, paired advertising, backlinks, and sponsored content. While programs like Hootsuite can help streamline digital marketing strategies, other types of marketing software can track and streamline marketing activities. At the same time, it also provides analytics on the effectiveness of various platforms and advertisements. These analytics enable the company to make adjustments to its marketing strategies as needed.

Workflow Management

Software designed to manage workflow, track projects, and keep employees up to date on progress regardless of their location enable businesses of all sizes to work with remote teams, multiple projects simultaneously and monitor progress in real-time. U.S. companies that work across multiple time zones and even countries rely heavily on workflow management software to keep their teams working together effectively. Qualified workers from Romania, North America, and Uruguay can work together to accomplish a company goal.

Workflow management may also be referred to as project management software. Whether the program is project-based or broader to include all workflow, the needs of a company for this type of software will depend more on the location of the team members than the size of the company. Smartsheet is a popular option for businesses. There are different Smartsheet pricing options to suit your needs. While size is important, when team members physically work together, the need for project management software is minimized. The primary benefits come in managing projects that are worked on remotely, as discussed above.