Thomson’s new marketing campaign #MadeMeSmile includes a heart warming ad showcasing the hectic life of a teddy bear. I can definitely relate to this, as I too used to put my teddy bear through the ringer on a daily basis.  But of course my teddy wanted tea and cake (literally), and of course it wanted to make a fort with me but get left outside to get a soggy foot and maybe lose and eye.

But I’m glad to know that, like the little girl in this advert, taking my teddy on holiday will have made up for the all the turmoil I put him through, and will put a smile back on his fluffy (but slightly mangled) face.

As an adult, this ad makes me want to jump straight on their website and look for our 2015 break to put smiles back on our faces, so I can’t imagine how many children are now begging their parents to do the same – not just for the family, but for teddy too.