You must be wondering how the SEO world would change in 2020. What new SEO trends would be emerging and what existing SEO trends would become redundant? Which trends would be continuing beyond 2019? These are some of the questions coming to your mind as the current year is gradually coming to an end.  In this context, you must know that SEO is a dynamic world and seems to be in constant motion. SEO keeps changing and at times it becomes difficult to keep up the pace with the changes. Let us explore some of the SEO trends that should be dominating the digital marketing scenario in 2020. You must necessarily have a sound knowledge of the SEO trends so that you could focus on updating your website accordingly. You need to make sure that you are visible to your customers and potential customers in the Search Engine Rankings Page.

We know that as competition in the digital marketing landscape is increasingly becoming fierce, and brand new websites seem to be coming up, you must consider rethinking your content marketing stratagem and start investing in SEO. Sites must fulfill certain precise requirements and standards established by Google and other such search engines. Hence, coming up with a robust SEO stratagem is of vital importance.

Voice Search Would Be Dominating the SEO Scene

Voice search is gaining a lot of traction and its popularity is growing at a phenomenal pace. Experts are expecting that in about two years or so everybody is sure to hear the golden words “Ok, Google” every few minutes all around them. Digital marketing specialists firmly believe that by 2020, around 50 percent of all searches would become voice searches.

As per, the exact number of users using voice assistants seems to be growing rapidly year on year; for instance, 35.6 million Americans are known to be using some kind of a voice-activated device minimum of once every month. Moreover, one out of every six Americans currently owns smart speakers.

Even though it is a fact that the SEO landscape is constantly changing, the boost in the use of voice search is supposed to be one of the most significant changes to date. That is simply because voice search is something quite different and would necessitate a different optimization stratagem. 

This SEO trend would be necessitating digital marketers to think on the same lines and speak the same language as their online audience for generating matching and complementary voice search strings. We know that Cortana, Alexa, and Siri are some of the hot favorite voice assistants but they are certainly not the only voice assistants out there. While searching for a specific item online, you hardly have the time or patience to scroll through never-ending results and you hate to read boundless blocks of text. Hence, voice search has emerged for supporting those precise users. When somebody uses a voice search, just one result is read out. This result is referred to as the ‘featured snippet’ and it is generally known to appear above the usual results. 

From the perspective of voice search, if you fail to have this vital featured snippet, you do not seem to exist. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for digital marketers to optimize their site’s content for specifically featured snippets in the upcoming year. SEO experts are being suggested to generate results based on precisely long-tail keyword queries that are recited by users online as an integral part of their voice search string. You may seek professional assistance in this respect from a reputed New York SEO | HighMark SEO Digital company for perfect solutions.

Hyper-Targeted & Highly-Customer-Focused Content

It could be quite troublesome to create apt content for limitless buyer personas with innumerable needs. However, even though it could be a major hassle, it would be something that would rank best. A prominent SEO trend in 2020 would be creating content that necessarily answers extremely specific requirements. This is brilliant news for anybody thinking of boosting their SAAS game. 

Long-form, in-depth and information-packed content would get the best SERP rankings every time. As per the B2B report published by the Content Marketing Institute in 2019, around 90 percent of the top marketers gave priority to the needs of their target audience as opposed to their promotional ones. Even in the upcoming year, those marketers would stay ahead of the curve who would continue to focus more on the precise needs of their target audiences instead of concentrating on promotional and marketing goals. They are sure to win top rankings on the Search Engine Rankings Page. 

So what should digital marketers do in 2020? Digital marketers must think in terms of long-tail, hyper-focused keywords for staying ahead of the competition. Remember long-tail keywords are far easier in terms of rankings. These keywords would be attracting the sort of readers you are looking forward to attracting. In other words, you would end up grabbing the attention of users who may become leads and you could expect conversions. 

E-A-T Would Fortify its Hold on SEO

The brilliant concept of E-A-T would be dominating the SEO circuit in 2020. Expertise, Authority & Trustworthiness or E-A-T would certainly continue to make its powerful presence felt in the upcoming year. These three distinctive elements are regarded as the critical elements essential for a high-quality website and these three must be the essential attributes of a professional content creator in the upcoming year.

Expertise is supposed to be the measure of proficiency experience, and knowledge of the content developer in creating superlative, authentic, and error-free content. Authority stands for whether a professional content writer is known to be an authority on the subject matter or in other words, he should be an expert in the specific field. Lastly, trustworthiness is an attribute that would be speaking for itself. SEO content developers must focus on creating original, trustworthy, and accurate content. They must provide 100 percent error-free and authentic information. In the future, websites that endeavor to cater to the E-A-T specifications would be performing much better in comparison to those that fail to comply.


The above-discussed SEO trends would surely catch up in 2020 and they would be demanding one crucial thing from digital marketing experts. They would like digital marketing specialists to come up with a robust and well-planned SEO stratagem to stay in line with all these upcoming SEO trends.