I’m sorry to all you ‘Christmas is only December’ grumblers, but I just can’t hold it anymore.  CHRISTMAS IS COMING!

I truly love Autumn and Winter for all it’s colours, warmth and festivities. The start of Strictly Come Dancing sparks my excitement for all of this and I get hooked on Pinterest looking for Autumnal decor for the house, clothes for the chilly season as well as writing endless lists to prepare me for Christmas. What can I say, being a virtual assistant means I love a list.

The house is full of smells to remind me of the season, freshly baked biscuits, cinnamon and cloves and other such delights.

I could honestly gush about all of this all day, but I shall refrain.

The upcoming months also spark interest in our household of what the Christmas adverts will be this year. Whose advert will be best and when will we see the Coca Cola advert?!

So go on, get excited! Just to help you along the way here is the fantastic advert from John Lewis last year.