From the royal house of Buckingham Palace to the gorgeous hamlets in Cotswold, England has many historical marvels to be in awe of, apart from London’s capital city. Sports lovers can never have their fill of iconic David Beckham, and music buffs worship Beatles. England enthrals with its Big Ben, Windsor Castle and high tea. Rolling countryside, green landscapes, manor houses are common characteristics associated with the English. So is tradition, good humour and English cheesemaking!

It may be tough to round up a trip to England in a few days. When you have limited time, make sure to check out these loveliest destinations in urban and awe-inspiring England.


North of London greets you with the charming English city, Cambridge. The University of Cambridge, founded in 1209, is one of the world’s top universities recognized by the scholarly and the academia. There are no vehicles allowed at Cambridge. The King’s College Chapel along the River Cam is a shining example of Gothic architecture. The Cambridge University Botanic Garden has been drawing visitors for more than 150 years. The 8000 flowering species, a winter garden and glass houses are must-check. The green surroundings of Cambridge are a perfect setting for open-air activities. Walking, cycling, punting are some good options to explore at Cambridge.


Stonehenge, by its very name, is popular for its large standing fifteen stones in a circular setting. It is one of the most famous sites in the world that has Neolithic and Bronze Age finds to attract a history lover in the UK. The builders of Stonehenge sourced their materials around 2500 BC. Stonehenge got built in three phases. Sarsen stones brought from as far as 40 km to the site of construction goes to show the extent of painstaking labour. The largest of the stones weighed 50 tons, and ropes and sledges got deployed. Interestingly, it took around 600 men to pull one stone. The creation of Stonehenge is a mystery. Some associate it with a healing place, whereas some find it as a burial site. A cross-section of people believes Stonehenge as a ritual area. How or why Stonehenge get built remains a mystery till this day. Park your car at the visitor’s centre when visiting Stonehenge.


Known for its famous Roman Baths, Bath in England draws thousands of tourists every single year. Just 90 minutes by train from the capital city of London, a visit to Bath makes an ideal day trip to explore the Roman ruins. Bath Abbey, the last Gothic church in England has received the 2020 Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Award based on outstanding travel reviews of 2019. Overnight stay at Bath will be nice to soak up the atmosphere. For that, hire a car with a car roof rack installed and load luggage and head to check out some of the countryside attractions. Bristol airport is the closest to Bath.

The Lake District

One of the most go-to gems of England, the Lake District national park stuns about 15 million tourists each year with its natural bounties. Glacial ribbon lakes, mountains and hills in the Lake District make an inspiring scenery worth capturing on a photographic camera. The Coniston Boating Centre in the Lake District gives a stunning mountain backdrop as you get on the water on a motorboat or a paddleboard. That is why the Lake remains as England’s premier vacation destination for hiking, walking and climbing exploits. The towns of Kendal, Keswick, Ambleside in the district have traditional lodgings, art galleries and shops that sell outdoor equipment.


Multicultural London is one of the largest cities in the world. It is the most visited global city dotted with landmarks to see and take back home as memories. Museums, shopping,stunning green parks and the British royalty, London has all of it and much more. Some of the famous things to check out in London are the historic Westminster Abbey, where the country’s most extraordinary personalities are laid to rest. For museum lovers, there is the British Museum and the Tate Gallery. The royal guards at Buckingham Palace to the world’s most famous clock at the Big Ben London,gives an incomparable experience. St. Paul’s Cathedral, the historic venue of the wedding of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles is unmissable. Ride a double-decker bus across Tower Bridge or visit Harrods department store for a tasteful shopping experience.

The Cotswolds

Quintessentially English, the Cotswolds takes you to a beautiful landscape of stone cottages, pretty villages, flowing rivulets and meandering roads. It is a postcard destination perfect for a weekend break and vacation. Drive around here to get a unique experience of the scenery. The Old Fleece is a nice gastropub to spend your Sundays. The Cotswolds has many attractive places around it such as Bourton-on-the-Water, Castle Combe. Meet rhinos and lemurs at the Cotswold Wildlife Park. No wonder why, The Cotswolds has continuously inspired writers and poets for many years.


Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, has a rich history. Cobblestone streets are symbolic of this place. There are about 4,500 historic buildings and sites in Edinburgh to occupy a place in your travel itinerary. Sitting high atop a hill, the Edinburgh Castle represents the Old Town that has the most famous street the Royal Mile, connecting the Castle with the Palace of Holyroodhouse. The 18th century built New Town is home to the upper echelons of the society. The Scottish National Portrait Gallery located in the New Town has faces of Queen of Scots to actor and Academy Award winner Sir Sean Connery. Every August, more than two lac people unite for the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo to showcase the best military bands in the world.


England has a tall list of gems that transport one to a timeless era. The English people are cautious in their mannerisms. Their sense of humour is equally famous. The traditional British cup of tea is inviting, and their greetings and speeches have some semblance of manners. Visit England for the love of people, nature, and finer things in life.