I’m pretty sure you’ve all seen some crazy videos posted lately using a GoPro camera, a few have had my stomach churning due to the content. However, it’s only today that I’ve actually realised what an amazing bit of free marketing they get each time someone posts a video.  This isn’t a new thing, products are branded so that people can see what they like and go and buy it…but this really does take it to the next level.

The welcome page on their website is insane in itself –  https://gopro.com/ – but some of the things people get up to using the cameras are even crazier.

I’ve found it hard to choose which video to put up today but the one I’ve chosen is one of the ones that really gets me feeling anxious throughout but also finds me starring in amazement.  These two guys are incredible (incredibly stupid you might say) but you can’t take away the sheer strength and courage they had to climb this and the ease in which they could film it with this handy little device.

It really makes me wonder what sort of other innovative, free advertising people could get with their products or services just by people using them…