Every Christmas I love looking around the shops for the very best present to give to my loved ones; and adverts on TV have a lot to do with where I start looking.

Once I’ve found the perfect present I wrap it in carefully thought out paper and write a nice (and hopefully humourous) ‘bit’ on the tag.  I travel down the M4 to my family home and place the presents under the tree – spreading them out of course to make it look like I’ve bought loads for people.

On Christmas day when it comes time to exchanging our presents everyone watches with baited to breath to see what they uncover.  My dad tells the usual joke ‘It’s an umbrella’ when it’s clearly a DVD and everyone chuckles to humour him and to keep up with tradition.

However, there is a sinister side to Christmas morning, one which is never spoken about, until now.  The need to #WinChristmas.

Mulberry have depicted the present giving process perfectly, bringing out the green eyed monster in us all. Everyone wants to give the best present and that Christmas to be remembered for that reason.

Don’t forget to look at everyone’s faces to see who has won the title this year!