The phrase ‘like a girl’ is something we’ve all heard throughout our lives, but what does it mean to you? Do you think it’s positive or negative? Most of us use it as a flippant comment when we’re having a laugh with our friends, but have we ever actually stopped to think what it may be doing to the person we say it to, and what impact it has on the young people around us and showing them it’s OK to say?

Whether you’re a guy or girl, being told ‘you throw like a girl’ (for example) is usually with negative connotations, however the marketeers at Always are campaigning for this to change.

They are campaigning to change the meaning of the phrase to something, that when it’s used, is positive. This video, and others like it, are doing just that.

So, I for one am proud to be able to run, throw and burp (sorry mum) #LikeAGirl