Digital advertising provides an amazing opportunity for today’s businesses to connect with potential customers. Knowing where and how to advertise can make a huge difference in potential returns. For many businesses, Facebook is an excellent option, but it is important to make sure the ads are done right so they reach the right people. Read below to learn more about how to use Facebook ads for any business.

Why Use Facebook for Ads?

Facebook has billions of registered users, making it the perfect platform for reaching as many potential customers as possible. As of 2020, Facebook had around 2.6 billion users that visited the site at least monthly and around 1.75 billion users who visited the site at least once per day. By working with an SEO Agency and Facebook advertising company to create the perfect advertisement, it’s possible to reach out to thousands of potential customers, if not a lot more.

Setup an Account

To begin, it’s necessary to go to Facebook Ads Manager to create an account and get everything set up properly. Fill out all of the forms to create an account and be able to start making ads. It is important to add a payment method to make it easy to start the first campaign. Once all of this is filled out and submitted, it’s possible to start researching the right audience to create the perfect ad.

Research the Audience

With billions of users on Facebook, it’s important to make sure the ads are seen by the right people. Ads for local services, for instance, don’t need to be shown to someone across the world. By researching the audience, it’s possible to narrow down the target audience and make the ads more effective. Use the Facebook Ads Manager and select Audience Insights to create a list of potential interests that the target audience would be interested in to help narrow down who will see the ad.

Create a Campaign

It is possible to create a campaign using boost posting, the self-serve ads create tool or a power editor tool. The boost posting is the quickest way to get started, but it’s also the least effective. The ads create tool is a great way for beginners to start designing ads to display on Facebook. The power editor tool adds more functionality, but it’s not as intuitive to use, so it might be better used by someone who has more experience working with Facebook ads. Follow all prompts for the method that’s chosen to create and launch an ad on Facebook. Pay close attention to the budget and schedule when designing the ad.

Analyze the Ad and Make Adjustments

After the ad is live, keep a close eye on the campaign to see how it’s doing and what might need to be adjusted or changed. Campaigns can run as long as desired, so analyzing the performance at least weekly is a good idea. Once the campaign has ended, take a closer look at how it did and find out what might need to be adjusted for future campaigns. No matter how successful the ad was, there may be ways to improve it and reach more potential customers.

If you’re ready to start reaching out to more customers and are interested in using Facebook ads to do so, the tips and information here can help. If you’d like to make sure the first campaign is a success and get personalised assistance throughout this and future campaigns, talk to a Facebook ad design company today. They’ll be able to help you through every step of the process, ensuring you have a better chance of a successful ad and helping you analyse and make adjustments to continue to improve the ad’s reach.