Every marketer aims at devising successful marketing campaigns. These are marketing strategies that result in high rates of conversion from subsisting and new clientele.

However, most novice marketers and business owners may overlook some crucial components that should, ordinarily, inform their marketing structure. Unbeknownst to some marketers, these factors affect the reach of a campaign, and even influence its impact on client retention. 

In the world of digital marketing in particular, there are five vital ingredients that fuel every virtual marketing strategy.

Below, we discuss each of these elements and mention some of the key marketing methods likely to be impacted by each element.

1. The mobile element 

Substantial growth in mobile telephony and other mobile communication gadgets has made mobile consideration one of the building blocks to successful digital marketing campaigns. 

Marketers who turn a blind eye to the role played by mobile gadgets in market reach do so at their own peril.

According to Google statistics, 90% of transactions today begin on one gadget and are completed on another. That means a consumer may search for a product or service on a tablet and ultimately finalize the purchase via mobile phone or vice versa.

With that in mind, it is therefore essential for digital marketers to stay alive to the possibilities and marketing avenues brought by mobile gadgets. 

One way a marketer could do so is by ensuring that their marketing content is always optimized for both PC and mobile devices. 

That means your marketing material should ‘read’ well and be packaged to appeal to consumers accessing it via a mobile platform. This element is especially important when conducting email marketing and content marketing.

It can also be useful when formulating your cold calling strategy, particularly if your brand intends to use SMS marketing and other cold calling methods via mobile phone.

Always bear in mind that the information you dispatch might be accessed via mobile and it needs to be palatable on all those devices.

2. The organic search element 

According to research done by the Capital Retail Bank, 81% of retail shoppers today engage in online research before buying a product. 

Online research is primarily premised on searches or queries conducted on search engines such as Google. 

Therefore, savvy marketers are those who seize the opportunity availed by search engines and find ways to capitalize on that online audience.

One of the key ways to leverage on this is by ensuring that your brand is easily discovered by online visitors. To achieve this, your business website should be structured in such a way as to make it appear among the first five results of a search.

That is by improving the ranking and visibility of your website through digital marketing methods such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It also involves the publication of content relevant to consumers regarding your products and services. 

SEO also entails the proper use of keywords on your site and its content to make it more discoverable by the search engines. 

That way, whenever the search engine receives a query pertaining to your kind of products, it will direct the web traffic to your site by ranking it among the first results.

3. The content marketing element 

The more relevant, informative and solution based your web content is, the more web traffic your website receives and the higher it is ranked by the search engine algorithms. It is a regenerating cycle.

Therefore, the importance of having rich organic and fresh content cannot be over emphasized. 

The more evergreen the material, the better. Evergreen content is that which tends to stay relevant for a long period of time and through different seasons. Examples of evergreen material include pages dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), tutorials, glossaries of terms and phrases, etc.

When properly done, content marketing improves your brand visibility by establishing you as a credible voice in the industry. Clients will tend to have more confidence in your products and solutions as a result. 

You may choose to publish your content through various channels. For lengthy written material, blogs within your website are a great option. 

Besides the written word, you may also opt for video content (e.g vlogs and YouTube videos), etc.

4. The social media marketing element 

Another oft-overlooked digital marketing element is social media. 

That may be perhaps due to the fact that some novice business owners still view social media as more of an entertainment medium.

However, brands can boost their market presence and overall visibility through carefully crafted Sponsored ads on social media.

Examples of platforms you could utilize in this regard include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest, among others. 

Besides growing your brand following, social media marketing also allows your brand to get real-time feedback and one on one engagement with your target market.

For a discerning marketer, it can be an invaluable tool for collecting organic market feedback, and an avenue for rendering quick personalized responses to client queries.

5. The nurturing element

The nurturing element allows your brand to accomplish two things; the first is to continue to woo those online window shoppers and convert them into clients and the secondly, is to maintain the existing clientele.

Through nurturing, your business should be able to convert its online traffic into paying customers and if possible, retain them as repeat customers.

That can be achieved via email marketing or dissemination of product information by email. Email marketing involves the use of email lists provided by a professional Email Service Provider. 

Alongside the ESP email lists, you may also generate your own email lists by requesting your online visitors to join your mailing list.

With these emails, a brand can inform its clients of new product launches, discounts and offerings. To keep your subsisting client base engaged, you could consider dispatching periodic newsletters regarding exciting new products or holiday discounts they might be interested in.