With the advent of Google’s “mobile first indexing” of web pages and the rise in the number of mobile queries, it has become mandatory to optimize any website for mobile. Otherwise, rankings may suffer, thus leading to a low generation of quality leads and an increased bounce rate. Google has made it pretty clear that if your website does not appear well on the mobile, i.e. if it does not have a responsive layout, has speed issues and lacks a proper structure, it is not going to rank on the top pages. In 2018, this trend is going to become more popular. Under such circumstances, the only way to grab a good position on the SERPs is optimizing your website for the mobile. Follow the strategies mentioned below and go MOBILE for the Search Engines fast:

Take The Test

First of all, it is very important to check whether your site is mobile responsive or not. There are numerous free tools available on the web to find out if your website is already responsive to mobile devices. And, if it is not, then you need to contact website designers and revamp your site for the mobile audiences. However, the test also provides you with valuable data regarding your page loading speed, usability, page view and clickable elements. In short, you are going to get a thorough analysis of your website with respect to mobile.

Research Mobile-Friendly Keywords

Desktop searches are way different from mobile searches. When people are using their mobile devices, they tend to type in long tail questions that serve the purpose better and give precise search results.

I want to know…

I want to go…

I want to buy…

I want to do…

These four types of questions frequently appear when people are using their mobile devices to search for something. So, you should develop your content and everything around such queries. You can contact experts from a professional agency like, SandCrestSEO to deliver you a set of relevant keywords for your products/services. That way you will also be able to save some time to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Promote Your Website Socially

The mobile visitors spend a considerable amount of time on the social media network. One of the best mobile strategies in 2018 and beyond will be to engage your website in the social media activities that your customers are involved in. Increase your visibility in the social media and promote your mobile-responsive website regularly. However, be careful to not spam your target customers/clients with promotional content. Create information-rich content to attract more eyeballs and impact a large section of the audience.

Focus on Local Searches

First of all, make sure that you have a brilliant-looking Google My Business Listing page with images, reviews and everything. Then, you need to ensure the keywords include names of local areas like, cities and states to streamline the search. That way you will ideally meet the criteria for local searches and your page will become visible once the target keywords are typed into the search box. Most mobile searches are for local services or products; so, it is your job to optimize your website for the same.

Now that you have a basic idea how you are going to meet the mobile SEO challenges in 2018, it is advisable to start preparing right now. Get acquainted with the aforementioned strategies, and reach a good position on the SERPs through trials and errors. Wish you all the best in your endeavour!