You can be at the top of Google search results against a targeted keyword only when you know what to do right with your site.

There are many simple and basic things, which are planned the wrong way while designing a website. People think complex, act even more complicated, and plan for things which are difficult to achieve, and then lament that they failed to get the site on the top of the charts within the targeted time. But by looking back, and fixing some basic things you can get great help in proceeding in this path and achieving the target faster. You should know what to do and how in the basic level to get things right from the foundation level so that your later efforts in marketing and SEO becomes actually fruitful.

Fix the basics

Doesn’t it seem sensible to bring in guests to your home only when the home is properly organized? You don’t plan guests when you have an insufficient arrangement for seating, feeding, and comforting your guests or meeting their needs. Similarly, you should plan traffic to your website with adequate SEO and marketing, only when the site is fully complete and in the best condition to attract and welcome that traffic and make very good use of that traffic. It should not be the user who decides how to use the site on visiting. Rather it should be the intuitive site design and contents, which will make the user act and drive through operations on entering the site. And this is how the site can actually succeed in the long term in full-fledged SEO and marketing, and always top the search engine result pages. That is why it’s great to start by fixing the basics.

User experience or interface – which design to go with

You will have two choices in this crucial step. While getting the site built, and deciding design for it, you will be asked for this choice or preference. And here you will have to compare and gauge and analyze a few things. A user interface-based design is always for making things look attractive, and for alluring users to use the site. It’s an attractive interface which makes one stick to the site for some time, and it’s during that time that the user discovers that the site is worth it or not.

A user experience-based design is for making the user comfortable with the experience of using the site, operating through, and finding things the right and apt way. Both have different aims. One deals with looks and captivating users with style and color, theme, etc. Another deal with operability and smooth use and navigation, features, etc. and you will have to choose a UI or UX based design as per your site content, purpose, and needs. If you plan to become a long player in the market, then you should better go for a UX design. Else for small spanned sites, UI designs work well. Combinations always work wonders when the balance is kept right.

Local SEO or global

SEO should be strategized from the basic level. Your product may be for online distribution globally. And again, you may have a product which can be sold only locally. Or else you may have franchises worldwide, and you may want to target each segment locally. In all such cases, you will have to decide from the beginning whether you are targeting the global market or a local market. The SEO should be accordingly planned with the help of Online Impact digital agency. People anticipating local products may not stay on your site if you are marketing globally. You must create sections on the site for local visitors to entertain the local traffic.

Responsive web design

Responsive web design needs to be planned together with all that. While you plan to use either a UX or UI design or maybe a combination, you also must plan to make the website responsive. Only in a few cases, the website will be opened only from a desktop computer or laptop. In rest of the cases, the website will be accessed from a computer, or tablet, or a Smartphone. And in that case, the website must be programmed to adjust to the resolution and screen size of the device it is opened on. That is the responsive design feature, which must be implemented on your website. Else the traffic coming to the site may shoo off just on not finding the site easy to surf and view from a small screen device.

100% uptime and data security

The next important thing, on which it depends that the traffic coming to your site will stick around or not, is site uptime. If the site is not hosted on a reliable server with a good uptime guarantee, then the chances are high that often the site will be down, and users are coming to the site will not find it, or may not be able to access and operate all pages. This can bring a big loss of reputation even before you get a good start. Hence choosing a good hosting server for total site uptime for the retention of traffic you get through SEO and marketing, is vital. Also, this ensures high-quality data security as because such reliable servers also have data protection software which they provide with their packages.

Auditing site contents and sales funnel

Finally, while you are feeling satisfied with the traffic coming to your site from active marketing and SEO, you also must check if the visitors landing on the site are getting converted into customers, subscribers, or return visitors or not. This is a crucial analysis which tells the conversion rate and helps you decide the chances you must bring at places.

Concluding it

SEO and marketing yield the best result when the site is ready with its design, contents, and operability to provide the best user experience. Then only the traffic will be retained and used by the site in a good proportion.