If you are in charge of organising an event – be it a concert, a charity event or fundraiser, an event for your community or school such as a fairground or funfair, a bazaar, a sports game, or more – you would already be aware of how important your marketing and promotional efforts will be. Yes, you can go the traditional way of promoting and marketing your event using posters and flyers, and they are quite effective. But if you want a broader marketing and promotional reach, you have another option: promoting and marketing your event digitally. When you promote and market your event online, you will have a much wider audience, and since everyone is online nowadays, it’s a great tool! But how can you do it – and more importantly, how can you do it correctly? Here are the top ways you can market and promote any event online. 

1. Get into it visually 

One of the best ways you can reach out to different people is to go about it the visual way. Humans are highly visual – so do your best to capitalise on this and start promoting your event visually! While you can always have posters and flyers (and, in fact, this is highly encouraged, especially on the event grounds), you can also have bold and striking online posters. You can share these striking posters on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat; this way, people will stop scrolling and instead focus on your event. Once you catch people’s attention, encourage them to read on by telling them about your event – its performers, its attractions and rides, a contest or competition, and whatnot. 

2. Know the power of social media 

When you think about it, almost everyone has a social media account and is present on at least one social media platform. This is why one of your best bets for full event promotion is through social media. Share an interesting and engaging post about your event on any social media platform, and you’d be amazed at the interest within hours! But don’t stop there – once you have your audience’s attention, release updates and posts leading up to the event. You can, for instance, show pictures of the rides and game booths available at your event so it will enhance everyone’s excitement (make sure you work with an excellent fairground stall hire provider so your pictures will be ‘Instagram-worthy’), and post quotes and mini event posters so your audience will have an idea what to expect. 

3. Create fresh, inspiring, and interesting videos and content 

 Another way you could encourage people to learn more about your event – and ask more relevant questions, such as the when, where, and how – is to create fresh, inspiring, and interesting videos and content. For example, posting videos of your staff and crew preparing for the event will generate a lot of buzz. 

Additionally, if you have videos of a past event, share them again – it will make your audience visualise being at the event and help give them an idea of what your event will look like. Remember, humans are visual animals! There are other ways to get your audience excited about the event – you can create short documentaries, share a Facebook story or two, and share a blog post about what your audience will experience at the event. Give your audience a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look – and they will want to be there for the actual event.