In the modern World I don’t know many people who don’t own a television or even still only have 1 television in their house. It’s widely accepted as part of our everyday lives; we even watch people watching TV! I’m sure our household is the same as others, we sit there flicking through channels complaining that there is nothing on but somehow seem to still watch hours of it a day. It’s not until you give the remote to someone else that every programme then seems to become interesting.

Unfortunately in the Potts/Williams household we cannot afford Sky and it’s many channels, and yes it means we miss out on Game of Thrones (I wait for the DVD, 90’s style) but we like many others have found the endless joy in Netflix. Netflix is basically Blockbusters, but online. It’s much cheaper than Sky and it joins us every night in our house as another member of the family.

I happened upon Netflix a few years ago when I realised every episode of Charmed was on there and have been hooked ever since. The kids in our family watch all the Disney movies they can and for the adults we watch some fantastic (and some not so fantastic) films, right from the old ages ( (the 60’s) up to new releases.

Since then I’ve noticed Netflix becoming more popular and widely used and where as before every other advert was for Sky, I’ve recently been seeing a bigger presence of Netflix adverts on ‘normal’ TV. The one with Ricky Gervais was brilliant, and similar to Sky in promoting the whole host of shows. However, adverts promoting Netflix Original shows have been just as good, if not better.

When I recently saw the advert promoting the new series of Orange is the New Black I nearly cried with joy. This Netflix Original series is an epic story of a women’s prison and makes me laugh, cry, hate them all and want to be their friends all at the same time in every episode. It’s a must see – however it’s definitely not for children or those who are easily offended. If you are easily offended I would still suggest watching it, but remember it’s only a show.

What I find so great about these adverts is that they don’t show the whole first episode or the best bits of the series in just one advert. It leaves you wanting to see more and find out what the story lines are going to be moving forward. The advert below was obviously so powerful that it actually stuck the date of June 12th firmly in my mind and that the new series was starting.